Election Day

I’ve done it! As an early riser it didn’t pain me to get out of the house and into the voting lines. Yes, I have completed casting my ballot for the future of this country. In my neighborhood lines were long, parking was difficult, the process a bit strained, but all in all I still made it out in approximately 45 minutes after the polls opened. Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards, I hope my vote helped.

In a statistical oddity, the process had us split into two lines, one for the last names beginning with A-K, and the other for L-Z. My line, the L-Z had about fifteen or so people waiting, while the A-K line had none! Bizarre..

If there is really anyone out there reading this, which I doubt that there is, I urge you to get in line and vote. Most of you will wait in a line for a movie, do the same for your right to choose who leads your country.

And can somebody tell me why we vote on a Tuesday? I’d really like to know…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Until I can figure out Blogger’s templates here are some other useless tidbits about me today…

Current Music: Sirius’ Left of Center — Channel 6026 on Dish Network
Favorite CD of the day: The Faint — “Wet From Birth”

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