For the past five years I have run with a crazy bunch of people known as the Hash House Harriers. Atlanta is fortunate to be a haven for hashing, the “largest” group being the Atlanta Hash House Harriers and Harrierettes.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of hashing, it boils down to cross country running followed by beer drinking. BRILLIANT! Hashers are a motley bunch by and large, some of us are in good running shape, some of us not-so-much. 🙂

What I like most about hashing is that all are welcome; you just have show up, pay whatever fee is deemed appropriate by the group, follow trail (or find some other means to the end), and enjoy. Hashers generally don’t care what you look like (although pretty women are always welcomed mre readily), what you do for a living, polical stance, religious beliefs, etc. The Hash is the type of group I sought my entire life — and I feel fortune to have been welcomed by them.

Yesterday I felt even better about the hash. Yesterday’s Atlanta trail was the annual Hash For The Homeless, where we were asked to bring personal supplies for a few underprivileged families. In true Hash fashion, people were generous. Did we solve a major crisis? No, but hopefully we made life a little better for a few families who could use a break.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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