Open Wide, Both Mouth And Wallet

Today is one of those days I dread. I have finally succumbed to my dentist’s constant request for getting another crown, and today is the day. Crown number three. Now who do I have to blow in order to become a part of royalty? And me with no dental insurance (don’t ask). Ouch in the mouth; Ouch in the wallet! I better get a pretty nice Christmas card from the Ole Doc this year…

One of the few things I will fault my parents for is being too lenient in the oral hygiene department. Maybe it was because they had poor (no?) dental work in their youth (being children of The Great Depression), maybe it was because my childhood was still in some of the Dark Days of dentistry (much pain, ugly metal fillings), or maybe it was because we couldn’t afford it. I am not sure. However, this leniency combined with my bad-teeth genetics, I have had many disappointing trips to the dentist. Today’s trip is to repair some other work done nearing twenty years ago.

In preparation for today’s misery I decided to treat myself to a huge breakfast at the Waffle House. I have mentioned before my love of the diner breakfast; coffee, hashbrowns, and a greasy egg sandwich. Yummy, fucking, yummy. And because my dental work will be completed just before noon and I assume I will be unable to eat for a few hours afterwords, I ate a shitload! While I wouldn’t endure dental work everyday in order to gorge the way I did this morning, it sure made me happy.

I’ve said it before, and I shall again — from here on out I am all about make ME happy.

Oooh, and this just in…. Check out today’s Feature Article about Richard Feynman on Wikipedia. You may not know of Feynman, but if you are old enough to remember the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, you know of his work. He was on the panel who discovered that it was the O-rings which caused the explosion.

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