Time, Temperature, And Traffic

Ask ten Atlantans what they hate most about our city, and at least eight will respond “the traffic.” So, I find it strange that in fewer than twenty-four hours I have experienced a truly crappy ride leaving work, and an wonderful one to work.

Most of the time when Atlanta’s traffic blows one of two things can be blamed
– time
– weather

Enter the magic Rush Hour(s), or toss a little water on the roadways and all things go to hell. Bring a little of each to the party and you might as well pull over and have a drink or eat a meal. It’s just not worth the frustration.

From The Twisted Minds Of PlayJam
On Dish Network there is a collection of OpenTV interactive games. Most of them suck, in fact, they all pretty much suck. However, recently there have been some which make me laugh.

– “Wee Wee Kitty” is a game in which you try to clear a board by selecting a flower and a cat comes out and pees (complete with sound effects) on the flower, clearing all similar blocks connected to the one peed upon. The object seems to be to clear the entire board before your cat runs out of urine.
– “Beat The Meat” is a game in which you pick a meat-related character, such as Awaken The Bacon, and you have three sprint-style races to prove that nobody beats their meat with great vigour than you; their words, not mine.

Are these reasons enough to subscribe to Dish? No, but when I am feeling down and need something to pick me up, there is nothing better than beating my meat….

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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