The Proof Is In The Details

I have long believed that girls are evil. Hey, it’s not *my* fault they don’t find me attractive!!! Anyway, yesterday someone sent The Proof which validates my belief.

The Proof:

1) It has long been said that Girls require Time and Money
Girls = Time * Money

2) It is known that Time is Money
Time = Money

3) Therefore
Girls = Money * Money = Money ^2

4) Also known to us is that Money is the root of all Evil
Money = Evil ^1/2

5) Giving us
Girls = (Evil ^1/2) ^2

6) Resulting in our Conclusion
Girls = Evil

It now plain for all to see, well plain enough for a Friday morning spent in a coffee shop prior to heading to the dreaded land known as “Outside The Perimeter.”

Have a fantastic weekend!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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