I rarely go to see medium-to-big concerts these days. My live music has been limited to bars. It’s not because I don’t like the bands coming here, it’s because I hate getting gouged by Ticketmaster. Let’s face it, Pearl Jam was right! Ticketmaster is a monopoly and screws it to the public when it comes to their fees. Give an example you say? Alright here we go….

Keane and The Zutons are coming to the Coca-Cola Roxy late in January. These are not “big” acts, so I was glad to see that ticket prices were set at $20 (a bargain in my mind). Now let the screwing begin.

Ticket Price = $20
Ticketmaster’s “convenience charge” = $5.65 (that’s a 28% fee PER TICKET if you are scoring at home)
Ticketmaster’s “transaction fee” = $4.10
Snail Mail postage = Free (or I can print it myself for the low, low price of $2.50)

GRAND TOTAL for a $20 ticket is $29.75, what a fucking bargain!

Now before you go jumping my ass for being a cheap bastard, think about how many tickets are purchased through Ticketmaster each day. Somehow these fees and charges seem a bit steep to me.

Maybe I’ll just take my chances and see if there are any tickets available the day of the show.

Tuesday’s Toy
I would have liked to declare my new fake tooth (crown) the Toy Of The Day, however I am quite displeased at the moment. Since being installed this morning it has never felt right. I have this sensation that I have something lodged between it and the tooth in front of it. I have flossed the fuck out the gap, but to no avail. I have a feeling that if things don’t correct themselves by tomorrow I’ll be visiting my dentist again long before I had intended. 🙁

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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