Oh Holy Night

Citizens of Tucker, Georgia I am sooo sorry.

Last night was the annual Moonlight Hash House Harriers and Harriettes Tacky Light Tour during which we unleased our untrained vocal cords on Tucker. Each year this hash picks a neighborhood and strolls through drinking schnapps and cider. Upon finding a house with tacky Christmas lights we stop, knock on the front door, and then serenade the residents with a Christmas carole or two. Sound nice? You’ve never heard us sing….. This group couldn’t hold a tune if it had a handle attached. The timing was so off you’d swear that the FCC’s Michael Powell had installed a six-second delay between the front and back of the pack. To further screw with our heads, at some houses we sang songs that weren’t even on our song sheets! Last night one house told us to “scram” — jeez everyone’s a critic.

Tuesday’s Toy Of The Day
I should wait to unleash this toy until my official Mid Life Crisis hits next year, but I want Santa to bring this real badly. It’s the 2005 Ford Mustang!!!! Yippeeee!!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeee!!! I have been as good a boy as I could be given the shitty year that I have had… I promise not to attempt to pick up twenty-year-old women with it (ok, maybe that’s not completely true). The 2005 Mustang looks badass, and reminds me a little of my first car a 1968 Mustang. Hmmm, maybe this will help me attain SplendaDaddy status.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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