The Ghost Of Christmas Past

Last night I tried a different remedy for eradicting this cold — drink like there is no tomorrow. For the first time in many years I closed down Gravity Pub at 2am. The occasion? A good friend of mine is in town visiting family so we did some drinking and dart throwing on a Thursday night at Gravity Pub like we used to. I love Gravity, it’s like that well-worn great pair of jeans that fit perfectly — so comfortable.

The whole evening was like a living Christmas letter. We caught up on how our lives had changed since we last saw one another. Most noticably he told me that for the entire year that he drank nothing but water. You that right, nothing but water. That changed last night, as he returned to The Drinking. For this I take no credit or blame, it was his decision. I talked about my carjack incident, and the breakup of my last long-term relationship late last year — to wit when asked if I ever talk to her I exclaimed “Nope, once I am told that I am not ‘it’ I have no desire continue contact.” Petty? Perhaps, but I don’t need to convert girlfriends to friends, I have a lot friends. [FORESHADOW ALERT]

At 1pm today (still sick — remedy failed) I was awaken by a knock on my door. Oh ye wise reader you have figured out who was at the door, haven’t you? Yep, it was her. To her credit she was returning Christmas ornaments that have been in my family for some time and erroneously made into her pile upon breaking up. I was appreciative of the gesture. If my life was a made-for-tv movie we would have hugged, realized that we were made for one another, reconciled our differences and gotten back together. Instead I said “thanks”, she said “ok”, complimented my on the beard (no joke), turned and walked away.

I honestly never would have known that the ornaments were missing. In years where I am single, I choose not to decorate. Christmas decorations inside my house when I am alone depress me. And besides, what am I suppose to put under the tree, presents labelled “To: Paul, From: Paul”, “To: Me, From: Me”, or maybe “To: Paul, From: Santa”? For me tomorrow will be just another Saturday.

Merry Christmas, or should I say Merry Saturday!
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to The Ghost Of Christmas Past

  1. Stae says:

    Merry Christmas AND Merry Saturday, I say. I have one – count ’em – one unwrapped present under my tree to open tomorrow that’s not “to me, from me” so I completely get you there. To be fair, Mom sent me a great Sonicare toothcleaning whatchamajigger, but I opened that days ago.

    How odd that she just showed up like that. I could give you my point of view (that just being of a girl), but given that I don’t know her and didn’t know you guys during your relationship, I don’t know how insightful it would be.

    I’m glad you had a good time catching up with your friend. I miss that; friends close enough with whom to do that. Very cool.

    I don’t know when you’ll be reading this, but Christmas is but 3 hours away so you are the first I will wish a very merry Christmas, Paulie, because you deserve it. Now that the ghost of Christmas past has visited, may the ghosts of present and future also make their way to your door.

  2. I’ve started and stopped this post at least a dozen times…because that last paragraph is itching to be responded too. I’m a fanatic when it comes to “putting up the tree”, however, maybe Christmas/holiday decorating isn’t for everyone. If decorating for yourself depresses you Paulie…maybe you need to start a new tradition that is just for you. Only you can make yourself truly happy. I know that’s an old cliche and I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

    As for the ex showing up…badly done on her part and kudos to you for not telling her so. Though it was nice of her to return the ornaments, Christmas Eve was really lousy timing. You can’t tell me she didn’t realize she had them before then…

    Glad to hear you caught up with an old friend and had a great time! Friends are what keep you sane, even when they are a bit insane on their own. Makes the friendship all the more worth it!

    I like the Gravity Pub myself – great jukebox.

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