You Are From Where?

The label on the cake box said it all, or at least enough to get my mind churning.

The company that produced the cake is in Between, Georgia. Think I’m making this up? Lookie here at this Mapquest link.

(read in the style of Abbott and Costello‘s “Who’s On First?”)

Costello: Abbott, where are you from?
Abbott: Between.
Costello: Between? Between what?
Abbott: Between, Georgia.
Costello: Abbott, Georgia is the name of a state between South Carolina and Alabama, you are from between them?
Abbott: Yep.
Costello: So are from either Atlanta, or Athens?
Abbott: Nope, Between.
Costello: Between what?! Between Atlanta and Athens?
Abbott: Yep half way between Atlanta and Athens?
Costello: Great, now what’s the name of the city?
Abbott: Between.
Costello: Oh Hell!
Abbott: Hell? No, that’s a city in Michigan. I’m from Between.

Now Between, Georgia may be a lovely city, bless their collective hearts. But since I’ve never been there (I have been to Hell, Michigan) I really don’t know. Question — Is using a preposition for your town name the greatest idea? Am I missing something? Was there a General Between in the Civil War? Was there a prominent family living there at one time, “Hi, I’m Paul Between of the Georgia Betweens”?

Of course, if I was on the panel deciding Between’s name before Between was “Between”, I would have suggested “Intercourse” (stolen from Pennsylvania, of course) to give Georgia the ultimate travel trifecta — Intercourse to Climax to Cumming. Ah, cheap and easy humor…

This is ‘Throwback’ Tuesday
Today I am wearing a shirt that all but screams “Dot Com.” It’s a circa 1996 long-sleeved Ralph Lauren rugby shirt with wide blue and green stripes and a white collar. The only thing its missing is the obligatory now-defunct company logo emblazoned on the chest. 🙂 Is the shirt out of style? Yes. Is the shirt warm? Hell yes! (it’s at this point you should consider yourself lucky that I have not gotten around to setting up photo hosting). I think I’ll donate it to Goodwill and periodically check to see if anyone buys it. 🙂

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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1 Response to You Are From Where?

  1. First of all, what kind of cake were you baking that would come from Between? THAT is what has my own mind churning.

    Being Georgia born and bred, I have actually heard of Between, Georgia, though until now never knew it’s true location. So thank you for clarifying. Though I’ve never been to Hell, I’ve been told I’ll visit there one day possibly even have the pass key to all levels, but I haven’t even been to Hell on earth either. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t actually visit either location.

    As for the naming of the city, why not keep Between but add Intercourse…that way, when you put the four towns together…well, maybe I am destined for the pass key after all.

    I do not claim to be a fashion aficionado, but my suggestion would be to hold on to that sans logo rugby shirt. If I recall correctly, that particular fashion trend rolls around about every 15 years. At least you know you’ll stay warm!

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