2004 – The Bad

Yesterday I summarized the Good. Today you get the bad (and it’s a doozy)

2004 – The Bad

Getting Carjacked Sucked!
The Story (for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet)
On a brilliantly sunny day in early August (August 8th for you detail-oriented types) I darted out to Home Depot to get some propane for the old grill (which was needed so that some summertime grilling could occur). Since I was also out of gas for the lawn mower I tossed the gas can into the trunk so that I could stop for gas on my way home. Missions completed I drove into my driveway and jumped out of the car. Because I have an alarm system in the house I decided that I should deactive it before trying to lug the combustibles into the house. That’s when it happened… As I was about to put the key into the door lock a young man started walking up my driveway. I barked to him “Can I help you?”. My neighborhood has it’s fair share of people who would like to mow your yard for cash, or perhaps scam you for spare change using some “charitable donation” request. That’s what I thought was going to happen — I was as wrong as wrong could be. Walking up the driveay the guy asked me “Where’s it at?” and when I looked perplexed, he pulled out a gun and told me to give him my keys. It was that point I realized that I was getting robbed (I’m smart like that). Next, one of his buddies came strolling up the driveway and demanded my wallet, and cell phone. I have listened to stories like this in the past, and not wanting to be one of the ones that ends up dead because fucks like this don’t give two shits about human life, I followed their demands. These guys were rookies. With keys in hand they could not figure out how to put my car into reverse (it’s an automatic). The second guy accused me of doing something to the car, at which point I explained to them how to get the car into gear. Come to find out, this robbery was quite the elaborate operation as at that time an old pickup truck pulled into my driveway. My theory is that these guys were taking longer than they should have and the truck (which I assume dropped them off) was coming in as backup in case there were problems. The two vehicles sped off down my street. Scared shitless I ran to my neighbor’s house (knowing full well that he is an Atlanta policeman).

I am not a vengeful man. But if there was one day that I was hoping that these guy would get their just desserts, it was that day. Remember, my trunk was full of propane and a gallon of gas. I was sooooo hoping to hear a news story about a car exploding on the interstate.

The car was recovered six days later, filled with tobbacco and Blunt Buster spray (I’ve looked for a web link to no avail). Two years of keeping it factory fresh, destroyed in six days. An auto-theft crime ring using tactics similar to those used on me was broken up by the Atlanta Police Department back in August/September.

Hurricane Season
In comparison to the tsunami that has turned life upside down for many, my bitching about hurricane inconvenience seems trite. This year I lost electricity for at least five solid days due to hurricanes Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. Living like the Amesh can be fun, but only when you want to live like the Amesh. I actually sat through Jeanne at my mother’s house in Florida when it was a Category 1 hurricane. Airport closures and lack of electricity forced me to drive a rental car home from Florida rather than fly as originally planned.

Missed Opportunities
Nothing specific here, but suffice to say I know that I fucked up more than one opportunity this year. Sorry. Bad Times, Bad Times.

Tomorrow: The Ugly

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