2004 – The Ugly

You’ve seen the Good and Bad, now it’s time for the Ugly.

2004 – The Ugly

Red Dress
Back in August citizens of midtown Atlanta looked in horror as a bunch of complete idiots strolled their streets wearing red dresses. Fear not, it was not an “experimental thing”, but merely the Atlanta hashers’ Red Dress Run. All in good fun. I’d post a picture for all to see, but gosh darn it I don’t have one and I have still not figure out that whole picture hosting thing. To given you an indication of what type of woman I’d be — my dress size if 14, with legs to die for.

Christmas Carolling
Citizens in Tucker shuttered as a band of hashers attempted to sing Christmas Carols throughout their peaceful neighborhood. I am sure that there is at least one child who will require medical attention thanks to our inability to carry a tune. Christmas was ruined for many, be thankful it wasn’t you. Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra, Ra Ra Ra Ra.

I Really Thought John Kerry Would Win
Nuff said there.

Tomorrow: 2005

Happy New Year’s everyone!
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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    Paulie, I just started a new blog called Ugly Blog, so I’ve been looking around for ugly blog related blogs. Anyway, I found this entry (2004 – The Ugly) during my search so I thought I’d make a quick post to let you know! I’d be happy to trade links if you’re interested. Have a great day – Eric

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    Eric, if you want to link up go right ahead!

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