On A Road To Nowhere

One of the ramifications of claiming that you plan to lose twenty pounds in fewer than eight months is that you must exercise regularly if you have any hope of backing it up. Well, I suppose I could become a bulimic, but that seems a bit extreme — at least this early in the game.

Don’t Call It A Comeback
Last night’s exercise was an hour on my bicycle trainer. This is a common exercise routine for me (yeah yeah the weather is gorgeous I should get outside, and run or bike. Whatever!), especially when I can pop on some tv to help pass the time. Little did I know that by not bringing the remote control to the bicycle that I would have to exercise my restraint in addition to my legs. I decided that would watch, in spectacular HDTV, the 71st (FedEx) Orange Bowl broadcast on ABC which is owned by Disney. The winning team would become the proud possessor of the ADT National Champion Trophy (um, crystal football), which of course used to be called the Sears National Champion Trophy, and oh yeah, some worthless (at least monetarily) thing called pride. Do you get what I am after here? Embedded somewhere in the last few sentences is the concept of sports, winning and pride, all obscured by marketing. Yes, I know it’s the “American Way” but hasn’t it gotten way out of control? Oh, and lest I forget, the game was horrible.

By half-time the game was essentially over and I had about ten minutes left in my ride. Not being a quitter, I decided that I would finish my ride even when I found out that the half-time entertainment (which I think was the “Pontiac High Performance Half-Time”) consisted of a U2 video, and “live” performances from Kelly Clarkson, some guy named Trev Atkins, and your favorite lipsyncer and mine, Ashlee Simpson. Can you say “train wreck?” I knew you could.

In the scorecard of life I think I gained some extra credit for being able to finish my ride without getting off the bike to change the channel. Come to think of it, had I walked across the room to change the channel and then gotten back on to the bike, I would have gotten more exercise. Damn! Why didn’t I think of that then?!?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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