26 Reasons To Like Me

Due to the New York Jets’ loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, today’s regularly scheduled entry “NY Jets Victory Celebration” will not be seen. In its place, please read this…

26 Reasons To Like Me
Shortly after Al Gore and I invented the Internet, we decided to kill some time by compiling these silly lists. Here’s another for you to read (stolen and slighty modified from one of my friend’s Live Journal entries — thanks Stacy)

A รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Accent: none, which is surprising since I was born and partially reared in Queens, NY. I’ll blame the other part of my rearing in Florida for the loss of my accent.
B – Breast size: hmm, never measured — let me check; ok, it’s a ‘handful’
C – Chore you hate: mopping the kitchen floor
D – Dad’s name: Wilbur
E – Essential make-up item: a dozen roses, all women love to get roses; oh you mean like facial make-up, then my answer is ‘none’
F – Favorite perfume: anything that I cannot smell from across the room, but can during intimate moments
G – Gold or silver: silver
H – Hometown: Whitestone, New York
I – Insomnia: never, I can sleep anywhere at any time
J – Job title: manager of software development — NERD!!!
K – Kids: none that I know of, heh, heh
L – Living arrangements: flying solo in my house inside the perimeter (but you knew that, right?)
M – Mom’s name: Kathleen
N – Number of apples you’ve eaten: Do people know this? I’ll answer 42 because we all know that is the answer to everything.
O – Overnight hospital stays: haven’t been in a hospital since I popped out of mom
P – Phobia: many would say ‘commitment’, I’ll answer ‘heights’
R – Religious affiliation: I support them all
S – Siblings: Older brother, much older brother (sixteen years)
T – Time you wake up: Weekdays, 5:30-6:00am. Weekends, about 7:00am.
U – Unnatural hair colors you’ve worn: define ‘worn’. I guess I’ll answer ‘none’
V – Vegetable you refuse to eat: brussel sprouts — they is NASTY!
W – Worst habit: blogging; not taking life seriously enough; eating too much when I am trying to lose weight; I could go on for ever — oh yeah, self-deprication
X – X-rays: yearly dental and I once had an echocardiogram (a sonogram of my heart) done
Y – Yummy foods you make: of course everything I make is delicious, but if I had to pick a couple of real winners; jambalaya, beef stroganoff, chicken picatta, chocolate tofu pie
Z – Zodiac sign: on the cusp of Cancer and Leo

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – disappointed
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 26, playing Husker Du
Current Read – nothing today

Monday Morning Weigh-In
Starting weight – (approx since I didn’t have a scale) 198 lbs
Target weight – 178 lbs
Current weight – 196 lbs

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to 26 Reasons To Like Me

  1. Stae says:

    A.) Speaking of 42, you know we need to see that movie together when it comes out this summer, right?

    B.) Total agreement on the beef stroganoff! You also carry out a pretty mean pizza.

  2. Paulie says:

    a) You’re on….

    b) lest we not forget an awesome orderer of Chinese food as well. ๐Ÿ˜›

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