Mama’s Boy

Today is the second biggest day on my calendar! It’s my mother’s birthday!!! My birthday is the biggest day, of course.

It’s Not Polite To Give Away A Woman’s Age
Unless it’s a biggie! Today my mother became 75 years old! Yes, that woman who has put up with my shit for the last 39.5 years turns 75 today. My week’s worth of grumpiness is due in part to the fact that my plans to be with her today fell through. Oh, well I would only be cutting into her bingo time anyway.

Since I am not in Florida to celebrate I chose to wear my Mickey Mouse t-shirt (imagine it in your head since photo capabilities are still a pipe-dream) bought for me by my great friend Stacey on her last trip to Disneyworld.

When I spoke with mom this morning (hey, I am not that bad of a son) she admitted to me that she was hoping to be carrying twins when I was born. She said that she didn’t want me to grow up alone (remember, my brother is sixteen years older than me). Holy Christ, could you imagine two of me?! The world should be thankful that her hopes were not realized.

My poor mother. Her biggest hope in life was to have a girl to spoil. Here is what she got
– two sons
– son #1 one married, had one son, divorced, married a woman who had three sons
– son #2 has been incapable of getting a woman to marry him

Sorry mom.

Music Is My Drug Of Choice
I spent the majority of yesterday listening to music. It’s the one environmental variable that I feel most comfortably altering to suit my mood. Oddly, the majority of the music played yesterday was by musicians no longer with us — Stevie Ray Vaughn, Elliot Smith, Alice In Chains (Lane Staley is gone). I somehow seemed to miss Blind Melon, Nirvana and Jeff Buckley, all of whom are represented in my music collection. Radiohead fans look out, as they too made it into the playlist so look for major news to break on them sometime in the near future.

Run, Run, Run Away
I am running regularly again. This is big news! Not since the knee injury of 2000 have I run more than once during a given week. So far I have run Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Not bad, not bad. Now if I can manage to add a few bike trips into the mix I should have no problem with my “twenty by forty” plan.

Speaking of running, work beckons so I must run…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – mixed
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Thermals – “How We Know”
Current Read – nothing currently

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Mama’s Boy

  1. Happy Birthday Batman’s Mom!! Hope you have a wonderful day and win bingo many times over! However, tell her Kemosabe said thanks for only baking one Tonto…you are a bit overcooked as it is anyway. Two of you…yikes! 😉

    Oh, regarding your comment about her #2 son…patience my friend. You’re not incapable, you’re discriminating. (How’s that for stroking your ego?)

    I will state however that yesterday you had AWESOME taste in music! Currently Alice in Chains is nestled quite nicely in the cd player of my car. Nirvana would have been excellent to add, though Blind Melon always makes me think of bees. Then again, so does Romper Room.

    Hope you are enjoying your hot hair today, especially since it’s not so hot outside.

    By the way, run for me would ya Mr. Symmetry? I can’t stand it. That’s why I said I’m a hasher wannabe…just want the reward at the end, someone else has to do all the work.

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  3. Paulie says:

    Did we double submit AG? 😛

    Work got in the way of other details I wanted to spill about my mom. I guess that’s more material for the future…

    I always have awesome taste in music. This I know is true. Stop rolling your eyes as you think back to my suggestion that you listen to William Shatner.

    Put on your Romper Stompers boys and girls and we’ll march around the room. Later we’ll pick up an imaginary looking glass and ackowledge the children we “see” by name.

    Now running to lunch…

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