Late, Late, I’m So Late!!!

Gonna have to crank out another short one kids. I have but fifteen minutes until a training class.

To all of you who took time out to drop me an email yesterday. I’ve determined that this is one of those rollercoaster weeks. Hopefully the crummy part is over and all that remains is the exciting ride to the finish.

Nice Guys Finish Last
Apparently, yesterday’s blog reference wasn’t enough stress for one week.

I’m catsitting for friends this week. I like cats, I’ve done this for them before, no big deal. Right? That was until I couldn’t get their alarm system to shut off last night; standing in their house, alarm blaring, trying to work with a security company who doesn’t know me from Adam.

  • Password? – Don’t know it, like I said, I’ve done this before so I didn’t think I needed it.
  • Contact them? – I tried, but they are out of the country; don’t know if their phones work there.
  • People on their contacts list with their complete phone number? – I gave all the names I knew, none worked, and who knows people’s phone number these days?
  • Friends? – Called the only two I have in my *cough* “new” cellphone. The one I was able to get a hold of gave me the same security code I punched in.

WHAT TO DO? After getting irate with the security company, I sat and waited for the police. Nice guy, gave him the story, showed him the key which he proceeded to use to verify its correctness. He tried the number, didn’t work for him either (made me feel a little better). My cell phone rang — it was the homeowner! Yippee!!! Apparently their number pad is a little finicky in colder weather. The number I punched in was correct all along! Oh bother…..

Some might think that an ideal night ends in handcuffs. I certainly don’t and am rather glad that mine didn’t last night.

Tonight I will sit at home, all alone. If the phone rings, I shan’t answer it. If someone knocks on the door, I shall ignore it. Solitary confinement; it sounds good to me tonight. I’ll put the rollercoaster’s shoulder harness on tomorrow and prepare for the rest of the ride that this weekend ushers in.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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Paulie [eatl/ga]

btw – Comments are back on, comment away…

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