Welcome to D-Day

Campfire Logic
What a beautiful weekend in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. There were many cameras around camp so I am assuming some of you notified the papparazzi, no? I kept searching for a Campfire Girl to snuggle with in my sleeping bag, but no targets were present. No worries, especially since I have sworn off women for a while.

I haven’t sworn off beer, however. Once the car was parked for the weekend, the two-person tent was set up in Shantyville, the beer started flowing.

The drinking was only interrupted by a “run” (more of a brutal hike) in the woods, followed by a cool shower. One of my newest toys, a solar shower, didn’t receive nearly the amount of sunlight necessary to warm its contents, so the water was cold, but I was happy to be clean.

It only took thirty-six hours of near-continual drinking for my campadres (get it?) to realize that I was funny. Shit, a career in comedy is going to ruin my liver.

Please Don’t Feed The Animals
“20 by 40” ain’t happening. I’m not stupid, I know that I have been eating and drinking too much, and not exercising enough. Today, all that changes. I can’t stand the concept of dieting eventhough I have done it before, but I know that can’t stand being at my current weight even more. Please wish me well and humor me when this space becomes a bit bitter (he he, I typed ‘butter’ at first — Freudian slip).

Such A Small Cookie, Such A Wise Cookie
I am not sure how many of you read the finer print along the right galley, but lately I have been posting the fortune of the last fortune cookie I have eaten. Stay tuned because this blurb will change often as Chinese food is one of my favorite meals. At the end of the roller coaster week two weekends ago I mentioned that I had to eat food from China King instead of Salsa. Well on that night I received two cookies (did I really order that much food?). Last night I ate the second of the two cookies. Apparently last night’s cookie was the one I was to open first because here is the fortune that was included

Although it feels like a roller coaster now, life will calm down.

Damn, that’s some spooky shit.

Sleeping Bag Training
As you may know, I am a couch sleeper. Since my last long-term relationship ended many moons ago I have reverted to bachelor living, falling asleep on the couch while watching tv. I was amused this morning with a sensation of dej&aacute vu when woke up and thought I had done so in my sleeping bag.

Trash Talking
My current office is located along the north fork of Peachtree Creek. It’s rather amusing to watch the water level rise and fall, and also more than a little saddening to see the trash rush down the river when we get rain. A couple of weeks ago when we received a few days of rain some brush and logs lodged themselves against a sewer pipe which spans the creek and have become an organic trash screen. The trash gathered is starting to grow quickly. On every drive into work I expect to see Iron Eyes Cody, the indian from the 1970’s anti-littering public service announcement, standing by the creek.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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