It’s Like Magic!

If you wonder what inspires this nonsense each day, let me tell you that I really don’t even know.

It’s Like Turning Wine Into Water?
In one of the rare instances that I watched TV commercials I saw a Home Depot commercial which mentioned a new ceiling paint from Glidden. The paint mentioned is bizarre; it’s paint that is pink when wet and white when dry! Wow, that’s fucked up! I sure could have used this technology when I painted the ceilings in my house. Go here for more information.

That Old Black Rock Magic
Pictures from last weekend’s Black Sheep campout are starting to be published on the Atlanta Hash House Harrier’s Album section. Holy Crap, I have seen better looking people living under the bridges near downtown Atlanta. And why am I smiling? Look at that horrendous hat hair (WARNING: small children and the easily frightened should not click on that last link)! Oh yeah, I was drunk. Good times. Good times. Oh, and in case your wondering about my camping skills, my tent is the one with the green ghetto rainfly squatting in Camp Wannahockalugie.

Happy Birthday? Harry Houdini
As if Harry Houdini‘s life wasn’t shroudded in enough mystery, no one really knows the date of his birth. Out of the blue the name Harry Houdini popped into my mind and I decided to find out when he was born. To my astonishment my timing was pretty good. Some “experts” say that Houdini was born on March 24th 1874, while others claim the date was April 7th 1874. One thing is fairly certain however, he passed away on Halloween in 1926 due to a ruptured appendix supposedly caused by an unexpected punch to the abdomen that was given to him two weeks prior to his death. I wonder if any of Houdini’s birthday cakes had those candles that re-light themselves after you think you have blown them out?

Speaking Of The Dead, Or Not, Check Out Today’s W-O-T-D
Abe Vigoda, known mostly for his role as Fish in Barney Miller has a website which lets you know his current living status. I am not sure why this humors me as much as it does.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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Website Of The DayAbe Vigoda’s Website

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2 Responses to It’s Like Magic!

  1. Make me happy…come paint my house!

    Looking forward to looking through all the pics, but hey bro, nice bed head you got going!

    By the way, I think you may actually know weirder shit than I do…and I thought I was the queen of useless trivia!

  2. Paulie says:

    Paint the house? Is this a Karate Kid reference, or do I look like one of those insane painting dudes? 🙂

    Baby fine (and fairly dirty) hair makes for fantastic hat hair.

    I pride myself on arcane knowledge. And, believe it or not, I am not the greatest possessor of weird shit that I know. Go figure!

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