Easter Egg-Nog

Now that’s a drink I could have gotten into drinking yesterday. Is Lent over already? Damn, it seems like just the other day I was trying to figure out what to give up, and now I’ve missed it. I hope I don’t have the same brain fart with my taxes, the last thing I need right now is to do battle with the IRS.

Close Shave
Saturday morning I removed the only thing which brought compliments my way this past Winter. Yep, with Spring in the air it was time to remove the beard. With a big fifty mile bike ride coming this weekend and the knowledge that I’ll start getting some sun and don’t want two-tone face later, its time, like the compliments that came with it, has come and gone.

This morning I was finally able to use that fancy electric razor that I bought back in November. Eh, I ain’t so impressed. I’ll have to see how patient I am before returning to my manual razor.

Now That’s Why I Love Hashing
Saturday’s Atlanta hash took place in College Park (think “right next to the airport”). This hash could have been labelled “Tour de Ghost Town” as we went through regions once inhabited, but apparently abandoned due to the noise of the airport. It was rather surreal, like and episode of The Twilight Show, to run down streets which had no houses and grass growing on them and then later through a flattened apartment complex. The coolest part was hashing through and old elementary/middle school. For some reason most of the outer walls had been blown out so we were able to enter and exit the building freely. Walking down its darkened hallway was spookier than any tunnel I have hashed through.

The Mean Streets Of East Atlanta
My current morning commute takes me through East Atlanta Village. The Village is currently undergoing a “streetskaping” project in which the sidewalks are widened and curb “bulb-outs” are being put in place. I am starting to wonder our street sanity. In the Olden Days of neighboorhood planning streets were made wide so that cars could park along them and emergency vehicles could get through with ease. Can ambulances and fire-trucks handle all of our new-fangled “traffic calming” mechanisms such as speed humps and bulb-outs? I guess time will tell.

Intown Retail Update
The Lowe’s in the Edgewood Shopping District is having its Grand Opening soon. I guess that this is a good thing since the toilet that was “fixed” for me a month ago has once again gone on the fritz. It’s “insert rod ‘A’ into slot ‘B'”, right? I can’t remember since it has been a while since I did any plumbing.

Supposedly last week Glenwood Park announced what retail would be opening within its boundaries. I have not heard yet, and all attempts to do an internet search have failed. I just hope that whatever opens there isn’t a further drain on the businesses in the Village. Stay tuned…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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