Weathering The Storm

My mood today mimics Atlanta’s weather — dark and stormy. I guess the statement that sums it up best is that I am full of piss and vinegar. Why? Eh, a myriad of reasons, most of which you can guess with little help necesssary.

I’ll Be Happy To See The Back Side Of It
This is one of the Brit sayings I have picked up from BBC America. This saying, along with the word “wonky”, are my favorite new expressions. “I’ll be happy to see the back side of it” is used mostly with the selling of possessions. I am certainly happy to see the back side of March.

March which was to come in like a lion and leave like a lamb had other ideas. Perhaps these are the April showers that will bring May flowers? I dunno!

On Tuesday I saw the weather report for the remainder of the week and decided that a Wednesday off from work would accomplish two things

  • Give me a day to fuck around and recharge my mental batteries in absofuckinglutely beautiful weather
  • Catch up on some important chores which have been neglected

Striking Out, Not Just With Women Any Longer
Wake up early, 5:30am even when playing hooky! Nice…

What a better way to start the day than to post a Blogger entry! BUZZZ So sorry, is experiencing technical difficulties, try again later…

Hmm, my lawn sure could use a little attention. BUZZZ Nah, better to wait until afternoon when things are a little warmer.

Ok, how about making a trip up to the fancy new Target and Lowes. BUZZZ So sorry, road construction on Moreland made it unbearable to get to the new Edgewood Shopping District.

Well then, I should get my car washed so that I can put my roof rack on it for this weekend. DING, DING, DING Well played, but -10 for not thinking that the wash would be immediately counteracted by the emergence of pollen and the rain which is pelting us today. I made it up to Cactus Car Wash for a fancy wash, knowing that I could post a blog entry from there entitled “Waiting At The Car Wash” because they have free wireless. BUZZZ Haha, Blogger still down!

Some mental toughness returned as I didn’t go out for lunch eventhough I could have used a La Fonda (no website — BOO! HISS!) fix. Not eating out is a tick on the positive side of the ledger!

Let’s keep things going while I have momentum by attaching the roof rack to my car. BUZZZ After over an hour of frustration and nearly chucking the damn thing like a javelin, I gave up and used my “phone a friend” to get it installed (more on this in a second).

Ok, settle, things could be worse. Let me take my bike out for a spin to confirm that it is ready for Saturday. BUZZZ Ooooh, all of that trainer riding corroded the rear brake cable, now I have no brakes. FUCK! Three days before a fifty mile ride in the mountains and now I’ve got to take my bike to get fixed?! Jesus Fucking Christ, why do I wait until the last Goddamn minute! Oh, and if I could have installed my bike rack I could have taken it somewhere to get fixed yesterday! AAAARGH!

Taxes? Today? BUZZZ Hell Fucking No! If I do my taxes today I am sure to make some sort of mistake that will cost me thousands of dollars! Let’s put that off yet again!

Search for Happy Place.
Stay away from sharp objects.
Seek solace in that fact that I can go for a group run and beer later.
Unfortunately, Happy Place is usually found with food and beer, two things which I cannot let myself have until after running.

Have you a concept of Cranky Pants? My definition of Cranky Pants is a depressed state of mind from which I cannot escape. It’s like walking around with a stick shoved up my ass. Sure, I know it could be worse. I could be Terry Schiavo; I could have joined Johnny Cochran; and I am not to the point where I am seeking Burger King’s new 730 calorie and 47 grams of fat, new breakfast sandwich.

Cranky Pants ruined one of my favorite activities, the Wednesday night George’s running and drinking fest. I did a (short) run fine, but socializing was just not happening. An early departure was in order and was followed by a failed attempt at watching Super Size Me. I awoke this morning to the sound of heavy rain and thunder. Out like a lamb my ass!

Thankfully today is not Monday, eventhough it feels like one to me. I’ve got that going for me, right?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – It was a dark and stormy day…
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Jesus And Mary Chain — “Happy When It Rains”
Website Of The DayThe Weather Channel

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2 Responses to Weathering The Storm

  1. I’m almost in the same mood, however, you have plenty of reason to be grumpy…what a horrid day yesterday!

    May you wake up tomorrow to beautiful skies, find the blogger gremlins on strike, and that tomorrow night finds you with an ice cold beer and good company.


  2. Paulie says:

    Thank you. May you day start off with someone who matches your market research. 🙂

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