Clever? Never Clever.

It’s Monday. You know the routine. Grab some coffee, get comfy, and read about the ridiculous two days that I call my weekend.

Back In The Saddle Again
On Saturday morning I resumed my assault on fitness (Friday’s happy hour at Brewhouse didn’t help, however). With the temperature a good 25-30 degrees warmer than the Saturday before I put on my favorite YooHoo bike jersey and hopped my Cycle of Shame for the 38-mile ride from my house to Stone Mountain and back. Two hours and twenty-three minutes, not bad for an old man! My ride was followed by a shower and strong power nap.

Running Like I Am Standing Still
One thing I learned this weekend is that the days of following a “long” ride with a “long” run may be over. An attempt at an eight mile (queue the Eminem) run yesterday was a complete disaster. As I watched the group separate and leave me, I stopped, turned around, and walked back to the start. Pathetic, truly pathetic.

Putting On My Red Neck
The first yardwork of the season occurred this weekend. And, because my upper-torso is usually as white as a milk I decided to sport a tank-top t-shirt while mowing the lawn around the double-wide. Here’s a tip for you readers, Irish-Germanic heritage makes for lousy tanning stock.

0 and 162?
Imagine my surprise when I watched my suckass NY Mets comeback to win, eventhough they struck out eighteen times in yesterday’s game! Baseball can be a cruel sport, just ask John Smoltz.

Damn, This Is Tougher Than I Thought
I have always sworn that I would never pay for radio. Shit, I bought an iPod to avoid going the satellite radio route. Common sense tells me that I don’t need it nevermind the added expense, especially when you factor in that Dish Network carries a bundle of Sirius‘ music stations. The lure of hearing any baseball game anywhere I getting XM with a MyFi receiver sounds soooo sweet. I love baseball on the radio…

what u doing
That was the text message which popped on my phone last night. The number seemed familiar but still unrecognizable, so I replied “Laundry? Who is this?”. The response “who do u want it to be” made me laugh. Certainly it was one of my friends just fucking with me. I found out quickly that I was wrong. Apparently some “girl” named “Elizabeth — Lizzie to her friends” text messaged the wrong person. Assuming I was probably at least twice her age I ended the “conversation” quickly. Random, but kind of fun.

Out For Blood
Meet The Hashers will be trivia’ing at Johnny’s Pizza in Inman. It’s not a Team Trivia location and we can usually do well there. Man, I’m already craving pizza.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – hungry
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Eels — “Novocaine For The Soul”
Website Of The DayThe Trivia Factory‘s site, go get tonight’s first answer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    -When you get that XM going, I’m curious if Vin Scully can be heard doing the Dodger Games. I might switch from Sirius just to hear him.

    – FP

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