Hrmph Day

Wednesday is my hardest blogging day. It always seems like I’ve spent all of the decent stuff, and am too far away from the weekend to start thinking about it.

Poker, I Hardly Know Her
I kicked it old school last night by hanging around the work hood to play some poker. My handy PDA informed me that I haven’t played in nearly ten months. Wow, time passes quickly. My decision to play was a good one, as I seemed to get cards all night. I finished on the positive side of the ledger, with enough cash to cover the cost of dinner and beer.

Beer, The New Cigarettes?
Seems like everytime I go to buy beer in a grocery store the price is higher. Prior to heading to the poker game I stopped in at the Whole Foods Yuppiedome on LaVista to grab a six-pack. Remember, this is Paulie you are reading about, so you know that the beer purchased may have seen St Louis or Milwaukee in transit only. The cheapest six-pack of “decent” beer was $6.99, and locally-brewed Sweetwater was $8.49. Hey man, can I bum a beer off you?

Atlanta Traffic Question
You are traveling down a road and you see a police car with its lights on trying to turn right onto the street you are on. Do you?

a) assume the officer has his lights on for an important reason and stop to allow him to merge into traffic

b) continue happily forward, ignoring the situation, assuming that its the “next guy’s” responsibility to let the officer in

Apparently no fewer than six people answered “b” this morning! Holy Shit people, get your head out of your asses and follow a few traffic laws! What a bunch of fucking assholes….

Britanny’s Pregnant, And I Really Couldn’t Give A Shit
I hope that we get to see this picture revisited in nine months.

It seems like the appropriate offspring to me.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – depressed
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Jesus & Mary Chain — “Blues From A Gun”
Website Of The DayAtlanta Citysearch’s Guide For Girls’ Night Out. As the headline read “Gather up your gal pals: Top spots for a ladies-only night on the town.” Do it! I’ll be the creepy old man in the corner.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Okay, I’m still laughing over the poker, I hardly know her! That was downright witty brother dear. Congrats on the pocket change.

    Regarding your traffic question, I was just asking myself that same question recently. WTF is up with people not pulling over and letting the police pass? Fucking assholes is right…

    You mean that isn’t a picture of her offspring? Damn, maybe my head’s been up my own ass…

    Thanks for the tip about girl’s night out. Instead of being the creepy guy in the corner, be the hip metrosexual male you are destined to be 🙂

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