Can You Hear Me Now?

Tables And Chairs, Nature’s Networking Barricade
After last night I would assume that the Last Supper didn’t have to be. Hell, (can I say that in reference to the Last Supper?) I bet you that Jesus didn’t get to speak to at least half of his apostles.

Jesus explaining that the apostle to his left should have eaten something with his wine

And so was the case at last night’s ‘Atlanta People With Blogs Who Get Together To Drink’ outing. I was at the end of one long table and was only able to converse with my immediate neighbors. Good conversation, but not conducive to networking per se.

Thanks to “Null”, “Mingaling’s” Boy who thought that I might possibly be younger than he. He is thirty-two (if my near-forty memory serves me right). It must be all that clean living and lack of sex that keeps me looking so young. LOL!!!!!!

It’s The Same Old Story, Buyer Beware
I have a love/hate relationship, as well as another year remaining on my contractual obligation, with Sprint PCS.

Yesterday I decided to jump into the Bush-filled ‘naughts’ and purchase a ringtone from Sprint. Excuse me, in Sprint’s world I am renting this ringtone for ninety days. The cost of my ninety day rental from Sprint for this ringtone is $2.50. That’s right, I had to pay two-and-a-half times the cost of buying a song from sources such as iTunes in order to rent one from Sprint. To make matters worse, the ringtone sounds like SHIT! It sounds like I recorded it on the phone while attending a concert.

What was the ringtone in question? Hüsker Dü’s “Could You Be The One?” I know, you’ve never heard of it….

Sprint, don’t be surprised if I spend the next year figuring out how to download ringtones for free. This is temporary of course, until my contract runs out and I dump your greedy asses.

While I Am At It
This morning I returned to Joe’s for a coffee to go. I haven’t been there lately (and haven’t seen my favorite barista Ellen there in some time), because the East Atlanta Village streetscaping project has made parking along Flat Shoals Avenue a bitch. Today’s barista Carmen was talking about why things were moving slowly and said that the city was unable to finish one side of the project because Comcast wouldn’t come out to remove their cables from the poles. I think that I’ll still hate cable when my gig at Dish Network comes to an end.

Don’t Forget Mom!
If you are lucky enough to have still have your mother in your life (as I do), then don’t forget to recognize her on Sunday, aka Mother’s Day.

If for some unfortunate reason you mom is no longer “with us”, think about donating time or money to an organization such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation or one of your local shelters for battered women. Peace people, it’s what it’s all about.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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Website Of The DayHGTV’s salute to moms

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  1. You make me giggle every damn day Paulie!

  2. Paulie says:

    “Here” as in my blog? Or “here” as in a reference to that old Randy Newman song about LA?

  3. Paulie says:

    obscurity, it’s not just for breakfast anymore…

  4. You are a witty guy Paulie. Of course we love it here as in your blog!

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