School Daze School Nights or, Blogging On Empty

It’s not Tuesday, what’s with all the music talk dude? Deal with it…

Hello EARL, Goodbye EARL
Venue The EARL
Time of entry 9:15pm
Time of departure 12:15am (three songs into British Sea Power’s set)

This old man
He needs sleep
He’s got a job
That he wants to keep

Of course I did manage to do laundry and watch the final episode of the Amazing Race 7 on DVR before crashing on the couch at 2:30am.

A Fir-Ju Well, Australian For Chinese Fire Drill
The first three rocking songs, three different band members on the drums. At the end of almost every song it was like a Chinese fire drill with each band member picking up a different instrument from the one they played previously. ROCK AND ROLL!!!!

These guys are fucking Good! Their energy and musicianship had the crowd through the entire set. I will be keeping my eyes open for future shows.

Feist, Australian For Buzzkill
After being charged up by A Fir-Ju Well, the second act “Feist” sucked all the energy from my aging soul. Bless her heart. Not to be overly critical, but she was a one woman show with not the greatest of voices who sounded like she was playing at a guitar lesson. Harsh? Yeah. Justified? IMHO, yes.

My opinion was not unanimous however, as I saw a few people getting into it and more who went and bought her cd after her set. Bless their hearts. I stayed for the entire set so that I could hear some of British Sea Power, knowning fully that her set cost me the ability to hear most of their music.

I’ve often wondered the types of drug concert promoters take, since bookings like these never seem to make sense.

You Are British Sea Power, What’s With All The Shrubbery?
Before taking the stage the roadies(?) for British Sea Power strategically places branches full of leaves around the stage to make it look as if they were playing in a forest. I didn’t get it.

The three songs I heard were good and loud. When they played their song being pushed by Sirius’ Channel 26 called “Apologies To Insect Life” I was satisfied and departed. I could have stayed longer, but I knew that there was laundry and tv watching to be done.

On my walk home I smelled like I had rolled around in an ashtray for three hours. I hate smelling like cigarette smoke. Often times I feel like I should be able to spritz smokers with my beer so that they can smell like my bad addiction when they leave the bar.

Amazing Race 7 Finale — Not So Amazing
I admit it, I was rooting for Rob and Amber. They say the first million is the hardest, so getting their next million seemed to be in the bag.

This episode lacked something for me.

First, it missed believability. How the fuck were Joyce and Uchenna be able to beg for enough money for four plane tickets and cab fare (yes, I saw the ending) in a two day span? If money falls from the trees in that amount then I am in the wrong business.

[EDIT @ 1pm] I have been informed that plane travel is provided by the show and that it is not up to the contestants to pay for it. This is my first season of AR and I missed episode #1 of this season so I didn’t know this. My apologies.

Secondly, I keep thinking that it is unfair to schedule things that allow teams to catch up in the middle of the final stage. Having to wait until the next morning for the park to open removed any advantage in the final stage.

And finally, since when does the pilot allow the gate to come back out to the plane so that two more passengers can board? Is this why planes are always late?

I doubt that I will be ‘in’ for Amazing Race 8.

Weezer’s “Make Believe” — First Impression
Target has it on sale ($9 and change), that’s where I purchased it yesterday. Fear not Ella Guru fans, I still followed through and spent another $25 there last night. Yeah, I’ve got a problem.

I gave the first eight songs a listen on my drive in this morning. It’s good, but not great. Any Weezer fan will be pleased, but this won’t be the cd which sways a lot of people into the Weezer corner.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – dead tired, running on coffee
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Morrissey — “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get”
Website Of The Day – Think you know a lot about band names? Take the Band Name Quiz

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6 Responses to School Daze School Nights or, Blogging On Empty

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing Race — I think the plane tickets must be covered by the show and thus are not something they have to beg for money for. The non-stripped teams only got 600 smacks — not enough to buy last minute tickets for two people plus cover their other expenses, but that’s just my guess.

    As for opening the plane back up, I’m totally with you that was all about TV. Maybe American was hoping for some positive publicity but it pissed me off.

    I’m still in for 8, though!

    Happy Hump Day! Hope you can catch some lunchtime zzzzs.


  2. Paulie says:

    Yeah, I call shenanigans.


  3. Sorry for smoking on you.

  4. Paulie says:

    I gripe, but I know what I am getting myself into and that it’s my decision on whether or not to go.

    I am also not on of the zealots who think that smoking should be made illegal. Although admittedly I am glad that I don’t have to deal with it in airplanes and in the office any longer.

  5. Next time we’re at the same show you should find me and say hi. And even though I’m a smoker, I actually do appreciate the smoking ban in New York. It’s nice comign home not smelling like an ashtray every once in a while.

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