Friday The 13th

One Day Of Bike Riding To Work + One Flat Tire = Two Tired Legs
I was greeted with the first flat tire of the riding season yesterday — no more than two miles from work and seven miles from home. Fortunately, I had a spare tube and was able to rig my CO2 cartridge (damn me for buying the wrong cartridge) so that I could ride home.

Today it’s off to the bike store to buy the proper CO2 cartridge.

Score 1 for the smog I didn’t create, but score -1 for the landfill fodder I did create by riding my bike yesterday.

All Things Cusack
Women love the John Cusack.

Did you know that John Cusack has a new film coming out soon? It’s about internet dating and is called “Must Love Dogs“. Will this be another Cusack film that my friends see and think of me? Hmmmm, could be. Click here to see a trailer (requires Quicktime).

I think that if I ever go to grad school my thesis will be “The Life and Times of John Cusack.” I’ve set my dvr to record “all things Cusack”. Sure, I get my fair share of crappy Joan Cusack movies, but I am slowly building the entire John Cusack collection so that I can study his grand body of work.

Did you know that John Cusack’s birthname is John Paul? My birthname is Paul John. Coincidence? I think not. I could be Bizzaro Cusack!

Someday, I will make a Top Ten list of my favorite John Cusack films in hope to get the type of action that I think he does…

Hmmm, This Sounds Like Something Else I Know
Last weekend I picked up a copy of the “Atlanta Intown” monthy newspaper. Within the edition there were some decent articles about the proposed streetcar to run along Peachtree, one about the bothers of street humps, etc. I would have linked them up here, but none of the “in print” paper is located online (hello, my calendar reads 2005).

Also on their website is Collin’s Blog, “Atlanta Intown – In The Loop”. Sounds Brilliant! LOL!

The Number Of The Count Shall Be Three, Part Deux
Also in the May edition of “Atlanta Intown” was an article about a new restaurant to be opened by the owner of One. Midtown Kitchen and Two. Urban Licks. I am sure it will be named “Three. Something Something”. From the article I gathered that this will be a pizza restaurant.

What’s really exciting to me however is its location. The restaurant will be opening in the old Trust Company Bank building on Monroe Drive which was build in the fine year of 1965 (think “funky circular building where you turn to get onto I85 North from Monroe”).

This will be cool. Did you also know that it’s very close to the current location of Sweetwater Brewery? No, there really is no connection I just hope to get props and free beer from Sweetwater someday.

And While I’m Near The Subject
I am baffled when I go to a brewery’s website and I am greeted with the “Are You 21?” question. I understand that this probably removes all liability from the site owner, but is there a child out there that’s going to think “Bummer, I need to be 21+ to enter? I’d better not click to enter the website.” C’mon.

Maybe the sites should come up with clever trivia that only a 21+ year old would know off the top of their head? I realized that the children could then look up the trivia on the web, but at least they will be learning something, no?

I’ve So Much To Learn
Today I was going to do a “Tale of the Tape” on The Apprentice’s two remaining players, Kendra and Tana. Unfortunately, my html skills are too undeveloped to pull off the things I wanted to do. Frustrating!

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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Website Of The DayUrban legends about Friday the 13th… NOT THE MOVIE. This is the link for the movie, you horror film loving freaks.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to Friday The 13th

  1. glenn5 says:

    That John Cusack movie looks pretty good.

    I’m all for the John-Cusack-love (I own High Fidelity on DVD), but it doesn’t excuse your perplexing disdain for his sweetly funny, adorable big sister Joan. She was in both Addams Family and School of Rock! Step off, hater!

  2. Amy says:

    As all women, I love John Cusack. But when i met him, I loved him a little bit less. Or a lot less. No one wants to see Lloyd Dobbler as a cokehead and a slut.

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