Sights, Sounds, And Survivor

Over Fifty Million Served
Come the first anniversary of the Livestrong bracelet, Nike predicts that sales will top fifty million. Wow. Last week America’s Largest School newspaper, the USA Today, ran this article on the phenomenon.

Saturday at the Brewhouse in L5P I saw that they were selling green bracelets to support Guinness. Funny, I thought I was supporting Guinness everytime I bought their delicious beer.

In Disappointing Cycling News, Thanks For Nothing Senators
Last week the “Complete Streets” ammendment to the Federal Transportation Bill was defeated in the US Senate. Senator Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) ammendment was intended to provide safer travel for pedestrians and cyclists. Georgia’s representatives voted in the following manner:

Chambliss (R-GA), Nay
Isakson (R-GA), Nay

Thanks for nothing, gentlemen.

Clean Air Campaign Be Damned
I’m a relatively intelligent person. I am at least intelligent enough to realize that my commute to work is partially responsible for the smog accumulation in Atlanta. Because I enjoy bike riding I also don’t mind bike commuting when it’s warm and sunny.

When I heard about the Clean Air Campaign‘s offer to pay me up to $180 to take an alternative method of commuting a few years ago I was stoked. Someone would pay me to commute? I joined immediately. That year we had a cold, miserable winter and I rode my bike exactly zero times in the ninety day period assigned to me (had I known that they would assign me the months November-January I would have waited to join). I collected $0 for my (lack of) effort. I didn’t care, because I knew warmer weather would arrive and I could get paid off later. WRONG! To this day they have a policy that the offer applies to individuals who have never participated in the program. WTF?! Wouldn’t it be smart to keep luring me back into a lifestyle of alternative commuting? Seems logical to me.

More News About The Color Yellow
Have you heard a new sucking noise coming out of Midtown, er Edgewood? That’s the sound of the new Best Buy “Big Yellow Tag” trying to suck away my salary. BLAST you Best Buy!

Ooo Wee Ooo, I Look Just Like Buddy Holly
Okay ‘Hatas’ hate Rivers Cuomo all you want, but I am here to say that Weezer knows how to rock (in a indie/college/anthemic fashion). It’s been a while since I’ve been to a show of a band whose fans are as, well fanatical, as Weezer’s. Many people knew the words to every song, knew when to pogo and when to sway. Weezer played a great variety of their hits sprinkled with new material.

It was quite a refreshing atmosphere. Well, it would have been if the Tabernacle wasn’t so fucking hot that night. I would have gladly paid another dollar for a little air conditioning.

I was humored when I realized just how long I have been listening to Weezer. During the show I rembered watching the video for “Buddy Holly” on my first installation of Windows95 back in early 1996. Where does the time go?

When did the cellphone replace the lighter as the item held up when swaying to a slow song?

And finally to all you pretty young ladies sporting short skirts that night… Thank You! My aging heart my be small, dark, and barely beating these days, but it was pleased to see that Skirt Season has arrived.

Irony Can Be So… Ironic
Did anyone read my blog on Friday?
The one that referenced Joan Cusack?

Did anyone see Family Guy last night?
The one in which Peter Griffin jumps off a building and kills who? Joan Cusack.

Coincidence? Hmmmm. Something in Quahog smells fishy to me.

Survival Of The Least Dumbest
Ian, oh Ian, what a skinny bean pole of a dummy you are. Would you like $10 for your new Corvette? No? What if I sweeten the deal by offering you my friendship and respect? Now, there’s a deal the you (and only you) couldn’t pass up.

Okay money isn’t everything. Even I can admit that. But Jesus H. Christ, why hang on a damn buoy for nearly twelve hours if you are only going to piss away a chance at $1,000,000? Me thinks the dolphins could teach him a trick or two.

Ian’s quitting, adding one to the total of Survivor quitters which is a trend that is becoming bothersome, also set up an anticlimactic ending. Who would give Katie “The Slacker” the check over Tom “The Immunity Winner”? Well, we Coby did because that was the only Kat(ie) vote aired by CBS.

And why no goofy mode of transportation to the live finals for Jeff Probst this time? Oh so disappointing CBS. I can’t guarantee my viewership for Survivor Guatemala this fall.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – Worn out, I think I have a cold starting. Why did I come in to work today?
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Replacements — “Answering Machine”
Website Of The Day – Breaking down cooking for your inner nerd — Cooking For Engineers

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3 Responses to Sights, Sounds, And Survivor

  1. Good morning…sorry about your lack of money for peddling, but that you got to see some leg this weekend 🙂

    As for Survivor…I am an avid fan of the show and maybe one of a handful of people, but I really liked what Ian did. True he gave up the cash, but he seemed happy with his decision. He was on 99X this morning, and said he still feels he did the right thing.

    As for Jeff’s non-arrival, I was VERY disappointed. I like the cheesy ways they take him back to the States!!

    However, Guatemala here I come. I am a true Survivor wannabe. Wonder what my chances would be next year?

  2. shoobie says:

    i too saw the weez. loved it, needed about 60 more minutes to truly be satisfied. my blog byline today was going to be: cell phones are the new lighters [at concerts] but you ganked the idea already 🙂

    thanks and no thanks for the best buy info….

  3. Paulie says:

    Sorry buddy. What’s funny is that about a half hour after I posted the dj on Sirius started talking about how cellphones have replaced lighters at concerts. It’s a small world with a limited amount of content I suppose.

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