You Know, I Would Wish This Upon My Worst Enemy

Allergy / Sickeness Day Count = 5.

I thought that when I awoke today all would be gone (if it would have taken the spare tire from around my belly I wouldn’t have minded either). Not quite.

Going Mobile, But Not To Mobile
Tomorrow I am scheduled to run a half marathon called the Twisted Ankle; it’s a trail run that takes place within “Sloppy” Floyd State Park in Summerville, Georgia. I have been looking forward to running this since I signed up in February. Hell, I’ve even twisted my ankle twice since then so that I could be the Poster Boy for the run! Sadly, I think that this week of crappy health is going to force me to sit it out. Booo Hisss! Well, at least I’ll have the camping — unless tonight’s strong rain storms that are supposed to pass through ruin that too.

By the way, Georgia State Park parking fees are going up on May 27th. The daily fee will go from $2 to $3, and the yearly parking pass will go from $25 to $30. You have been warned.


Got Nothing To Do Tonight?
Well, if I was going to be Inside The Perimeter this evening, I’d be headed out to see Mando Diao at The EARL tonight. These guys kick ass, you can’t go wrong seeing them. Well, maybe you could but I’d certainly enjoy the show.

Here is the line I read yesterday on
Fri 20 THE EARL: mando diao (from sweden), the comas, danko jones 21+ 9:30 $10


This Kudzu’s For You
An interesting article caught my eye this week. The article explained how research has been done to see if taking (eating?) kudzu can help reduce binge drinking.

Findings show that subjects who took kudzu drank an average of 1.8 beers per session, compared with the 3.5 beers consumed by those who took a placebo.

Lukas was not certain why but speculated that kudzu increases blood alcohol levels and speeds up its effects. More simply put, the subjects needed fewer beers to feel drunk.

Who knew that such an invasive plant could possibly be useful? Is this the next hip “mickey” to slip someone?

I wish that I could have volunteered for this study. Anyone going to try the same test with marijuana?

Mad Magazines
I’ve decided that I can no longer subscribe to monthly magazines, okay I’m not giving up Cargo or Sync. The stacks of unread magazines that I made the other night made it clear that I am a irresponsible magazine subscriber. Shame on me…

Having said that, my friend Glenn has turned me on to a new quarterly publication called McSweeney’s. It’s a quarterly “book” that has a different theme each edition. I think that I’ll be buying single issues until I can prove to myself that I will read it. Last night’s attempt got me eleven pages into it before I fell asleep. And now you know why I don’t read that much.

An Open Letter To Online Newspapers
Dear Sir Or Madam:

Please stop attempting to make me register to read your content. I refuse to do it. At best I will either use BugMeNot or answer each of your questions with bogus information. At worst I will seek the same information from another news source. Seriously, you don’t think that you have ‘exclusive’ content, do you?

Paulie — if that is indeed my real name

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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