Twofer Tuesday

Two days of sun? What, the temperature is going to rise to ninety-one? Shit, why must is be either raining or sweltering hot? This kinda sucks…

With All This Heat, I Could Use A Hummer
From the folks who brought you the Happy Ending (stout) last year, Sweetwater Brewery has introduced the Summer Hummer. Seems to me that they got it backwards. If I dig back into my far-and-away memory banks, the ‘happy ending’ occurs after the ‘summer hummer’.

Meatwad, You’ve Got Some ‘Splaining To Do!!!
Music Midtown 2005 has come and gone. Those who attended have blogged their experiences. The one thing that caught my eye and made my day yesterday was this picture from Used Film.

While I am definitely no Turner whore, I do love me some Adult Swim content, including the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Brilliant marketing folks, truly brilliant!

Be Thankful That I’m Not A Surgeon
I took my new trusty camera with me to The Fox for the Camper Van Beethoven / Modest Mouse show. Either I don’t know what the fuck I am doing with it (highly possible) or I have the hand-steadiness of a bartender mixing drinks, because almost every picture looks like it was taken from a speeding car. It looks like I’ve got yet another project on my hands (or in my hands as the case is here).

It’s really too bad since we had great seats (Row K, Orchestra Right). Sorry Stacey, I know I promised not to mention how great the show was, but these seats were sweeet.

Two, Two, Two Shows In One!
At the last two concerts I have been “treated” to two shows for the price of one. No, I’m not talking about two bands, I’m talking about watching/hearing the headlining band while the couple in front of me all but has sex. Look folks, if you are going to grope each other constantly, skip the damn concert and get a fucking room, literally.

The Beatiful People in front of me were a bit of a hoot last night. She, who weighed ninety pounds — most of which was hair, was drunk as a skunk (imho) and all over Mr. Wonderful. During the concert they both sat down and I swore that he was about to get his own summer hummer. Thankfully, I was wrong. Nope, instead they whipped out a joint and started smoking. Yeah, because that’s exactly what this girl needed — to get baked. The fact that she didn’t toss her cookies all over the people in front of her surprised me. Later in the show she disappeared for some time, ten minutes or so, and then Mr. Wonderful’s phone rang. I’ll make the assumption here that it was her and she was either sick or lost, because he left immediately. They managed to return later, but not directly in front of me. Too bad, I felt gypped not to get the entire show.

Oh, the music was entertaining too.

Free At Last, Free At Last
Oh thank God, Michael Jackson is a free man(?)! I must admit that I was only a passing viewer of the whole incident, so I don’t have much to say about it. However, it certainly must have been a stressful trial because when he emerged from the courtroom he was as white as a ghost.

Did Someone Say It’s Tuesday?
Fat Joe has another new release? Hasn’t he already released two or three cds this year? Can this material be as good as the stuff on the other releases? Probably not.

What about the release from Backstreet, ah nevermind, I’m not interested.

Today’s CD Release Of The Day goes out to Foo Fighters and their release of “In Your Honor”. Unfortunately for the Fighters of Foo their cd is not at the head of my purchasing queue, I still have a Stephen Malkmus cd to get.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – who am i? what am i doing here?
Current Music – Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code for 13-Jun-05
Website Of The Day – Go see the rest of Used Film’s photos.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Twofer Tuesday

  1. SDM says:

    Did you notice something “off” about the sound last night or was it because we were in the cheap seats?

    And I want to know how so many people got away with smoking weed IN THE FOX! Amazing. Guess security was off last night.

  2. Paulie says:

    I thought Camper Van Beethoven sounded pretty good, but not great. Modest Mouse’s sound did seem a bit off.

    I’ve heard that the acoustics in The Fox aren’t all that.

    I’ll give the kids in front of me credit in that they tried to be sneaky. Although pot definitely has a distinguishable odor about it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The pot smokers weren’t as sneaky in the cheap seats. I found it amazing that they were able to get away with it in a non-smoking venue! Gotta give the kids credit for that (and glad I didn’t recognize any of the law breakers either 🙂

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