Can You See The Real Me?

Do you know The Who song “The Real Me”? I can’t seem to get it out of my head. Strange, it’s been resident in my head for the last thirty-five years and today it’s decided to be a star.

Have I mentioned recently that my friends are awesome? I really enjoy spending time with them. You kids rock!

‘Incomprehensible Mexican’ Is Now ‘Incomprehensible Japican’
One of my favorite lunchtime establishments has turned the culinary world on its ear. Yesterday my co-workers showed me the new menu from La Sabrosa which now features Japanese dishes in addition to its kick-ass authentic Mexican food. This is not as strange as it initially sounds since the chef spent three years in Japan.

Since they don’t seem to have a website, I’ll give them some props by telling to that they are located in Suntan Plaza on Buford Highway just south of North Druid Hills Road.

Go there! You won’t be sorry. But be forewarned, English is far from their first language — hence the moniker.

What’s That I See?
I like the fact that I can walk to La Sabrosa from my office. On my stroll over there yesterday I saw two motorcycle police sitting on our street targeting their radar at cars travelling on Buford Highway. I assume that this activity is part of the Georgia Highway Patrol’s “100 Days of Summer H.E.A.T.” campaign.

You have been warned!

What’s That I Hear?
While in La Sabrosa I once again heard that radio commercial where they talk about people living OTP (Outside The Perimeter) and ITP (Inside The Perimeter). I’ve got to find a way to get an audio clip of that and link it to this website.

Not Necessarily Must See TV
I don’t like disappoinment. However, two of the shows that I thought would be compelling are turning out to be disappointments.

Hell’s Kitchen, Fox’s RealiTV show about contestants who are being verbally assaulted by Chef Gordon Ramsey seems so contrived. I’ve seen many tv series about Gordon Ramsey and up until this one I had a modicum of respect for the man eventhough he has been constantly portrayed as an asshole. This series has removed whatever respect I may have had. To expect people, some of which have never worked in a restaurant, to run a restaurant’s kitchen and constantly berate them when they fail is asinine.

The Next Food Network Star, Food Network’s RealiTV show in which they seek the next person to host a Food Network show is boooooring. If I can’t stand the contestants as the vie to get their own show, how can I possibly continue to watch them when they have their own show?

And Here Are Some That I Hope Will Be Worthy Of Viewership
Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to catch up on Intervention, A&E’s RealitTV documentary-style series, last night. As you can see on A&E’s site,

“Intervention profiles people who are losing the battle with their addictions, and whose friends and families feel the only remaining option is to hold an intervention.”

The first episode that I saw was rather compelling; I hope that the rest live up. Although I’m not so sure that watching Intervention and reading “A Million Little Pieces” (yes, I’m still reading it) at the same time is such a good idea.

I’m still waiting the arrival of Morgan Sperlock’s (star of “Super Size Me”) new series 30 Days on FX. My wait ends tonight and if all is right in the world my dvr will capture it. The jist of the show is that Morgan will live a specific lifestyle for thirty days to see how it feels, much along the same lines as “Super Size Me”. Hmmm, this might make the straight/gay episode rather strange…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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Website Of The Day – Become a Reality TV Star

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2 Responses to Can You See The Real Me?

  1. Every time I hear that commercial I think of you Paulie…however you left out the end of the commercial where they say WCAFP “who cares about the freakin’ perimeter?” 😉

    By the way, have you heard about all the great concerts coming for free to Underground? I know how much you like Weezer – yes you can see them for free. You need to be a 99x freeloader to get in, but they have an awesome list of concerts at Underground this summer. I’m sure, being the music buff you are, that you already know the line up 🙂

  2. Paulie says:

    Well they can take their WCAFP attitude and shove it up their Arses! 🙂

    I was going to blog about the concerts and then read Vicklanta yesterday and Shoobie blogged about them. I hate being a hack so I 86’ed the topic for today. When the full lineup is announced, I might make mention of the series.

    I’ve been a card carrying Freeloader since 1994, with the exception of the time I lost all the contents of my wallet at one of the On The Bricks concerts a few years ago. If memory serves me right it was the They Might Be Giants show.

    I’m sure I’ll be at the Weezer show. Who knows, this time I might even pogo. 🙂

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