How’d It Get To Be So Late? (it’s worth the wait)

Oh that’s right, I didn’t leave The EARL until 1:30am. So why not take a Friday off from work? Great Idea! So I have. Today’s (late morning) post is coming to you from the not-so-palacial estate of mine in the EATL.

Call My Financial Advisor, It’s Time To Change Strategy
If the market research I performed last night is any indication of the future, it’s time to either sink my money into RJ Reynolds, or emphysema clinics. I swear the crowd at The EARL smoked more than any collection of people I have ever been around. Is “lucero” spanish for “light up”?

No matter which way I decide to go, this investment will match well with the tattoo removal parlor industry that I have been investigating.

And Under Which Rock Have I Been Living?
Apparently Lucero has released five cds in the past five years, and I have just found out about them. Hmmm, my bad. From the head bobbing, fist pumping, beer raising, and singing along of the majority of the crowd, I clearly have been out of this loop.

Lucero put on a great show. Starting it off by getting their current single “Sixteen” out of the way with the first song they launched into testosterone-induced rock-n-roll. The hard rocking energy stopped only to thank the crowd and fix some technical difficulties.

Luckily for me there was no happy couple engaging in groping at this concert. Instead I got myself fairly close to the stage (admittedly not hard to do at The EARL) and amused myself by watching this skinny little kid go nuts with every song. I swear at one point I thought he was single-handidly trying to start a mosh pit. Good times, good times.

The opening bands The Honorary Title and Cory Branan were also entertaining.

I probably could have enjoyed The Honorary Title more if I could have stopped thinking about how much the lead singer reminded me of Tobey Maguire with “sleeves”.

I liked Cory Branan’s music as much I can like a “one man with an acoustic guitar” show. To his credit he played the shit out of that thing on his final song and did not remind me of any Hollywood movie star.

Wanna PBR?
The oddest thing to occur to me last night was when out of nowhere a PBR Tall Boy was waived in front of my face. When I turned to see why this was happening the girl holding it said “Want a beer?” I declined. (before you jump to conclusions, read on)

My first thought was that she mistook me for one of the guys she was with. Then I realized that there was no way this could happen, since none of them was wearing a white Polo crew-neck shirt.

Then I thought is she was trying to talk to me. I quickly realized that she was probably half my age and only interested in getting rid of the beer in her hand.

Don’t get me wrong, I am far from paranoid about taking free drink offers. However, an open beer (especially not knowing how long it has been open) from a person I have never seen before in my life is a recipe for disaster.

Besides, at The EARL I am definetly more of a High Life man.

Need A (Legal) CD Fix?
I received an email from Decatur CD alerting me of a sale that they are having this weekend.

25% off all used CDs $8 and up
Lots and lots of new bargain bin CDs, priced between $1 and $6

If you can’t figure out how much an $8 cd costs when 25% percent is taken off, you could always use the Google tip I taught you yesterday.

I’ve got to hand it to Warren over at Decatur CD because I think he understands how to put things in perspective. There is a great joke/jab also embedded in the email

We’re running out of room! We’ve got CDs crammed in so tightly that we’re contemplating stacking CD racks up to the ceiling. Then you could just come and point to the CD you want, and we would get it for you… but no. That would just be… criminal.)

I’ll probably be there. I’ll be the one with the Lucero cd in hand. Who knows, I might finally break down and by that Stephen Malmus cd I have been yapping about for weeks.

Happy Father’s Day
I’m not a father, at least not that I know of! *insert stupid macho laugh here*. Unfortunately, my father has also passed away, so I’ll be spending a quiet Sunday amongst friends, chilling.

If your dad/pops/pa/old man is still with us, don’t forget to wish him a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – recovering second-hand smoke-aholic
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Faint — “Desperate Guys”
Website Of The Day – Want to see what’s playing on Sirius Satellite Radio? Go to It’s On Sirius. They also have a really good database lookup page here.

Off to mow my lawn….

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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