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And Here Is Why I Hate Chastain
If I had my Metro Blogging privileges turned on I would have busted this out as my first entry.

I am a fan of “A Prairie Home Companion”, the weekly Olde Time Radio show that has been on NPR for years. Usually this show is broadcast live on Saturday nights. When I found out that they were doing a show in Atlanta I was excited and wanted to get a ticket. When I found out that it was a Friday night show I was so confused that I didn’t follow through on the ticket idea. I was certain that this was to be a “special” show, and not the normal “A Prairie Home Companion” show. Then, I found out that the show was going to be done at Chastain, and I decided that I definitely did not want to attend.

I hate Chastain Park Amphitheater! The venue is not that great, the people are usually loud/rude, and its nestled in a community that dictates that shows end by a certain time so that they can go beddy-bye in their super-overvalued houses.

It came as no surprise to me when I read the following passage “A Prairie Home Companion’s” host Garrison Keillor on the Prairie Home Companion website.

Saturday’s broadcast from Chastain Park amphitheater was not the show it might have been, and I am awfully sorry. The show (which was taped on Friday evening) was troubled by a large number of loud drunks sitting in the expensive corporate seats down close to the stage. This is an odd experience for me, to be standing on the lip of the stage and telling the news from Lake Wobegon and hearing people yell at me, “Tell the one about the dog” and “How’s the fishing this year?” and so forth. You could hear the wine bottles clanking for two hours. There were six-thousand other folks in the audience who seemed to be fans of the show, but all I could hear were the drunks snarfling and bellowing down below. And so the show was a joyless affair on stage, and when it was over, I walked off and didn’t return for a bow. I have never felt so miserable on stage as I did Saturday. If Chastain Park were par for the course, I would’ve quit years ago. I apologize to the six thousand.

btw – I have a really hard time typing the word “prairie.” I don’t know why, I just do.

Now That’s Alarming!
I accidently set off my car alarm when I returned home from trivia last night. I am here to tell you that it scared the living shit out of me! The alarm’s blaring quickly brought me back to the carjacking last year and all of the thinking that I did in its aftermath. I came to the conclusion that I am very glad that I didn’t attempt to set the alarm off during the carjacking because I seriously think that I would have been shot on the spot — either out of anger, or by a knee-jerk reaction due to the noise.

Tuesday’s CD Release Of The Day
There is not much to my liking today. I’m going to have to go old school country and give George Strait and his release of “Somewhere Down In Texas” my nod.

Seriously, I don’t recognize most of the artists listed on today’s list of releases. And, mark my word, I will most likely never pick a movie soundtrack as my pick of the day.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – fair to midland
Current Music – This Week in Tech Podcast #11
Website Of The Day – Generate a music family tree at Live Plasma.

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6 Responses to Insert Witty Title Here…

  1. Oh dear God! I HATE Garrison Keillor. With a passion. Aie. As for the blog Atlanta gig, I told the God of metroblogging that I could probably commit to it when I got back in the fall. We’ll see how that goes. I know music but not much else that’s going on in town. And I fear commitment.

  2. Oh and I also kinda think it sucks, but don’t tell anyone I said that. 😉

  3. Paulie says:

    You’re probably too young to appreciate, or perhaps harken back to the good-ole-days of, Garrison Keillor. For me his voice is comforting, like eating a great slab of meatloaf served up with mashed potatoes.

    I assume you mean that you think that the MetroBlogging kinda sucks? Don’t tell anyone, but I think that I agree. 😉 I don’t believe that I can make it much better, I really want to see if I can drive more traffic to my site. Oh, the shameless self-promotion!!! Paulie needs a brand new laptop! LOL!

  4. mingaling says:

    Ugh, I love Garrison Keillor. How sad that people can be so rude. I’ve never been to Chastain, but it certainly doesn’t make me want to go.

    Sucky MetroBlogger

  5. I’m glad to see I’m already making internet enemies. As for Garrison Keillor, I probably haven’t listened to him in about 10 years, but I have distinct memories of him being on EVERY RADIO IN THE HOUSE throughout my childhood as my parents got ready to go out for the evening (Saturday?). I think I associate him with waiting for the babysitter.
    I’m not sure if that explains anything. But yes, I’m rude.

  6. Paulie says:

    Enemies? Shit, I was counting on you being one of my allies! 🙂

    Your association with GK is similar to mine with Hee Haw; not so much because my parents were going out on Saturday nights, but rather because I had to sit through it before I could watch Benny Hill — at least until cable made into the household.

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