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Nice…. A short week of work. What better to have when I’ve got about a million appointments to make.

Grrrrl Rock
On Friday Sleater-Kinney put on a rocking show at the Variey Playhouse. Loud and aggressive, their music blasted throughout the venue. They also managed not to sound exactly like their cds, occassionally breaking into solos. I was impressed.

And to top it all off they finished their encore with a cover of Danzig‘s “Mother”.

Well played ladies, well played.

One Out Of Two
Unfortunately the Sleater-Kinney concert was the only one that I attended this weekend. A thirty-five mile bike ride followed by hashing did me in on Saturday. My patented Power Nap to get me caught up before heading over to Decatur to see A Fir-Ju Well lasted well into the start of their set. Oh well, hopefully they will play in town a few more times in the near future.

Another Successful Peachtree Road Race Pub Crawl
Starting Independence Day with a screwdriver at 7:30am was a clear indication that I would not be seeing any fireworks last night.

Shortly after the wheelchairs, Kenyans, and some number of fast runners who had no chance of winning the Peachtree, the Hash House Harriers’ Peachtree Pub Crawl team jumped into the race from the parking lot of the $3 Cafe (why do all 10k when you don’t have to). We shouldn’t have been too hard to miss; we were fifty or so drinkers (ok, I know I was drinking) who walked, sang, did conga lines, and stopped for every red light along Peachtree. I was the one who was entirely too loud, shouting words if encouragement, and sometimes discouragement, to my fellow participants. I consider it a talent.

The um, walk, was followed by a lovely hash party before I walked back to my car which was parked much further away from the party than I had realized. Oh well, it gave me the opportunity to become completely sober before I drove home to crash for the rest of the evening.

I hear there were fireworks last night. Eh, fireworks are overated…

It’s Not Monday, It’s Tuesday!
As you can well imagine, the 5th of July is not a great day to get people to come out and snatch up newly-released cds, so the picking is real slim today. Here is the complete list of new releases according to my source

  • Missy Elliott – The Cookbook
  • R. Kelly – TP.3 Reloaded
  • Soundtrack – Fantastic 4
  • Webbie – Savage Life

I will leave it up to you the reader to figure out which one of these is worth listening to.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – all things considered, not bad.
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 26, playing The Replacements — “Answering Machine”
Website Of The Day – A little bored at work? Check out The Neverending Fall. It’s an incredibily mesmerizing flash demo of rag-doll physics.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. alan says:

    releases for tue worth having and you say there is one?

    hrmmmm… thats a tough must be that webbie thing.

  2. Paulie says:

    I didn’t mean to imply that any of today’s releases were good. Sorry. I doubt that any of them will find their way into my collection.

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