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File Under: ‘Unpatriotic’
Sadly, I heard from a friend yesterday that her car was broken into down at Turner Field on Monday night. Okay I get it, Turner Field is not exactly in the ‘Best Of’ neighborhoods. However, I find a crime committed on Independence Day (at a baseball stadium no less) to be heinous. I wouldn’t mind doubling sentences for people who commit crimes against others on July 4th, much the way speeding fines are doubled in designated work zones.

What Up, Doc?
I finally made it in to see a doctor yesterday (luckily on the same day I called for an appointment). After the obligitory waiting room time followed by alone time in the ‘little room’ I was quickly diagnosed with some funkily-named viral infection for which time is the only cure. Imagine that! Seems like I deserve a bit of a kickback on my $25 co-pay, but I guess that the sanity gained by hearing a professional’s diagnosis is worth the money

The most unfortunate bit of news I heard yesterday was that I weighed in at 200+ pounds (fully clothed). Did I ever mention something about losing twenty pounds by my birthday? Hmmm, that was truly stupid.

Guess who will be keeping his shirt on all summer long? And now it’s not just because I am fat…

Lights On, Lights Off, Lights On, Lights Off
The most bothersome thing that happened in the doctor’s office was a loss of electricity. Twice the power went off only to make futile attempts at coming back before going off again. This happened once while I was in the waiting room, and once when I was in the examination room.

For some reason I was under this belief that all medical facilities had a backup generator to hold them over in times of power outages. I might even be willing to pay another $5 in co-pay if I was guaranteed to have power for my entire visit.

What, I Can’t Register A Stolen Vehicle?
The only logic I can apply to why I have yet to receive my vehicle registration notice for this year is that my car was reported as stolen last year. Looking at my paperwork from last year I had not only received my renewal, I had already paid it by this time. Oh, the hassle of being a victim of crime continues as I now have to visit one of the offices in person in order to get that valuable little sticker for my tag.

Who’s That Trivia Whore?
Now Pitching for the Reds…. Pedro Borbon. Borbon….

Like one of Bingo Long’s Travelling All-Stars I sat in on Team Trivia over at Rocky Mountain Pizza last night.

Because I have a tendency to be extremely early to every event to which I am invited (I hope I’m never invited to my own funeral), I drove around the West End for awhile seeing how things have changed in the six years since I worked in the area. Did you know that Atlanta has an Ikea now? Why hasn’t this been in the news? I also took a stroll around the West End of the Georgia Tech campus where I formulated the opinion that ‘T’ is the hardest letter to stick to a building since the letters for the “CENTER ST APTS” letters read “CEN ER S AP S”.

[depending on when you read this there may be pictures inserted here. don’t hold your breath]

Oh yeah, the trivia. So this team named “Team Lame” which, had we been on campus, would have been named ” eam Lame”, consisted of a few hashers I know and their friends. How do I word this…. I was easily the oldest team member (by ten years), and perhaps the oldest person in the bar. Respect! The team was a good mix of talent, I provided the sports 4-1-1 as I am wont to do. We took second place.

Hello Joe, What Do You Know?
The East Atlanta Streetscape Project is nearly complete (I personally would like to have the additional street parking back). With much of the debris cleared, a sidewalk in place, and the pleasant surprise of Joe’s coffee being open as I drove by, I stopped in for a large dark roast to go this morning. It was nice to support the hood; it was nice to see Ellen working the counter; and it was nice to have the aroma of coffee permeating my car on my drive in to work.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – one task down, many to go
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 26, playing Athlete — “Half Light”
Website Of The Day“Baseball Knowledge Will Not Help You Pick Up Girls”. Truer words never spoken. More insightful articles like that can be found at McSweeney’s.

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9 Responses to Opinions! Diagnoses! Knowledge! I Have Them All!

  1. Martha says:

    funkily-named viral infection

  2. Martha says:

    considering the fact that we have ‘hashed’ through much of the same funky stuff, I’m wondering if my little rash isn’t the same thing.

  3. Paulie says:

    very possible, although my rash is far from little. 🙁

  4. it’s about time they got things straightened out over there. i was less than pleased about “studying” to the sweet sweet ambient music of the jackhammer.

  5. Paulie says:

    But now you’ll be studying to the cries of Atlantan’s to “go get the car so we can load it up”. 🙂

  6. well then i guess it’s a good thing that i don’t ever actually study. i just sit in joe’s and make like i’m busy while i listen to my ipod.

  7. Paulie says:

    Oh, that construction! *wiping egg off face*

    Well, there is still a little more work to be done, but I’m sure it will all be wrapped up by the time you return to this side of the pond.

  8. AtlSleestack says:

    Welcome to MiddleAge! Thank the Gods that you have no little Sleestacks to infringe on your exercise time.

  9. Paulie says:

    My lack of children is caused by the same syndrome that keeps me from getting std’s.

    You *can’t* get an ‘std’ if you never have ‘s’.

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