It’s Going To Be One Of Those Mornings…

Dennis, oh Dennis, you can’t rain on my parade today…

Man, this morning has slipped away quickly. I have been trying to knock out tasks, all the while forgetting to blog. Sorry. 🙂

Live For The Day!
As I have blogged about much, I turn forty this year (July 22nd for those of you keeping score at home). While I have not been contemplating mortality too much, I have realized that it’s time to get busy and stop putting shit off.

I Just Made An Impulse Buy
I can’t believe I pulled the plug, this is very unlike me. I just hope that it gets to my office before we move at the end of the week. More later…

Man Did I Have A Good Weekend
Friday night — I did NOTHING! Stayed home, cooked (read below), and sat on my arse.

Saturday — A peppy little thirty-six mile bike ride from my house around Stone Mountain and back, followed by some Tour de France watching, and a fabulous dinner with my friend Stacey at the Thinking Man’s Tavern.

Sunday — up early (6am!) to watch the Tour de France live, ran the Bastaard Day Black Sheep hash, completed the night with a Greenie Meenie chicken sandwich at The EARL. The hash was extra-cool because we ran over part of an abandoned golf course — I only wish I had my camera, which I left at home because of Dennis.

Under Pressure
It’s now 10:17am and I just remembered add this section. Oops. It’s probably not worth the wait, but it’s included for completeness.

Friday night’s dinner was cooked with a pressure cooker that I have had for (three?) years but have never used. Now, I wonder why it has taken me this long! I cooked an awesome chicken stew, if I do say so myself. Normally I’d cook a stew, be it beef or chicken, in a crockpot long and slow. Friday night I just couldn’t wait the four hours dictated by the crockpot recipe, so I gambled on the pressure cooker. Yummy, fucking yummy. Fear not the pressure cooker friends, as I now know it can be quite the ally.

My Name Is Listed On MetroBlog Atlanta
Yep, it’s official! Now I just need to find some scoops to post. Game On!

Dear Friends, Get Thee A 99x Card
Weezer (free!!!) Saturday night, I need not say more except that if you don’t have a 99x card yet, get one! btw – two of the opening bands The Bravery and The Dead 60s also make this worth going to see. I’ll be there!

But Tonight I’ll Be Jamming To Les Claypool
I’ll be hopping around Variety Playhouse in L5P tonight to see Les Claypool. With any luck the show will let out early enough for me to catch Dressy Bessy at The EARL as well. I should be sufficiently tired tomorrow morning.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – only one overdue task left to schedule
Current Music – Coverville Podcast #108 — “The Kinks Cover Story”
Website Of The Day – I’m trying to figure out the social bookmark craze with

Off to read other blogs….

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Paulie are such a lucky dog! I sooooooo love Weezer!

    Hey ..maybe I could make my GA trip THIS WEEKEND! Wouldn’t that totally rock!

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