Disjointed Topics For The Attention Deficit Disordered

Look out, I’m coming at you in every direction.

Dear Free Concert Promoters
Um, if you book bands as large as Weezer, how about finding an area that can handle the size of the crowd? Please also keep in mind the number of people who show up just because the concert is free.

While I was technically at the concert Saturday night, I really didn’t feel that I was at the concert Saturday night. And, was it my imagination or did the volume get turned down when Weezer was on stage?

Death And Taxes
Owie! Owie! Owie! My Dekalb County, City of Atlanta tax notification arrived in the mail yesterday. I was getting prepared to get reamed in the ass this year, but I thought that would be done by a medical practitioner, not the City of Atlanta.

If I Don’t Get My Shit Together, I Won’t Be In The Big Apple
I keep procrastinating. I don’t know why I can’t pull the trigger on this trip, but I can’t seem to do it. Boo me!

Meet The Hashers Sliding Safely Into Third
Damn You “Rolling Stone” for naming Janis Joplin the best blues singer of the 1960’s. Clearly our answer of Mick Jagger was better. This snafu along with a couple of others forced Meet The Hashers to settle for third place at Taco Mac last night.

The Taco Mac in the Highlands has gone non-smoking. Woo Hoo! I even witnessed my new favorite waitress Jen telling a guy that he was not allowed to smoke in the building and had to take his cigarette outside. Nice, very nice.

Working In Hell Didn’t Stop Me From Getting Coffee
I woke up later than desired this morning. Fearing getting caught in traffic I stopped into Joe’s for a cup to go and say hello to the lovely Ellen. Yippee!

Traffic was a bit heavy and a somewhat-full Connector always scares the shit out of me. Maybe I’ll be trying Marta soon to see how that goes.

Like A Sherpa, Touched For The Very First Time
The new office (which I must admit I love my new office, I just hate the location of the new office building) is on the sixth floor. While it’s too late to lose twenty pounds by my fortieth birthday, I have committed to taking the stairs rather than the elevator in an attempt to shed some weight. I might not be in as bad as shape as I have feared. This morning I managed to beat the stairs carrying my overstuffed briefcase, a gallon of water, a grocery bag full of junk, and my cup of Joe’s coffee.

Do The Have Used CD Stores OTP?
Ok, technically the new releases today are new CDs, but the question posed in the title still plagues me.

With all of the hubub about the Pixies over the last year I am not sure how Frank Black (aka Black Francis) had time to make a new CD, but he did. Today, Frank’s “Honeycomb” CD hits the streets — it’s not small, no no no.

Sure, I could have picked “Now That’s What I Call Music! 19”, but I am sure that this contains songs that I really don’t call ‘music’.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – timing is everything, why haven’t I closed my deals?
Current Music – Adam Curry’s “Daily Source Code” Podcast #210
Website Of The Day – Going on vacation in a few days, I need to find out where I can get some free wi-fi using the Free Wi-Fi Finder.

Off to read other blogs….

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  1. Maigh says:


    Found out last night much to my glee that Hand in Hand is WiFI…was going to start a roll of places in the hood that are, but ALAS…someone else has done it and I can go back to slacking.

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