Home Is Where The Heart Is

Not to mention the dirty laundry, stacks of unopened mail, and general disarray that has entered my life over the last year.

Just Say ‘No’! But I Can’t
Last night was supposed to be my first complete night at home in weeks. I have so much shit to accomplish around the house I couldn’t possibly go out again, right? That was the plan until my friend Glenn called and offered the suggestion of eating dinner at the Universal Joint in Oakhurst. I love UJoint but don’t go there often so the choice was easy — “SURE!”

I returned home in time to do some of the needed cleaning and laundry, but not much else, other than tv watching that is…

Baby I Can Drive My Car
This new commute is teaching me a lot about myself.

  • I don’t have the balls to ride my bike to this office
  • Marta will never been my only means of transportation to/from work, especially if I am going to sweat on the train.
  • I like my old routine (okay, I knew that already)
  • Pennies are useless, and yes Stacey, I still think we need to stop producing them. You can’t use them for Marta, or the toll booth on 400, the will continue to collect in my car until I get frustrated enough to dump them.
  • Podcasts are great and they are even cooler in my car. But now I think that I need to buy an iPod that can hold my entire music collection.

Random Las Vegas Image
I am slowly getting pictures up to my Flickr account (My account name is InsideThePerimeter if you can imagine that). Here is one from the Las Vegas strip. I like it not only for the Welcome To Las Vegas bit and the name of the liquor store, but because the Starbucks sign had been removed. Take that MegaCorp!

IKEA, UKEA, I Still Haven’t IKEA
“When to go?” Should I really be going to IKEA when I don’t want to spend any more money or acquire any more furniture? Do you see how I torture myself?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – driving for a new today
Current Music – Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code Podcast For 02-Aug-05
Website Of The Day – IKEA inspired, Trump priced, but I still love Modern Contemporary design.

Off to read other blogs….

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. shoobie says:


    we just moved into a new place and my roomie took monday off to tie up loose ends. he said that at 3:00 on a monday afternoon, the place was absolutely packed. parking deck was full to the brim. i have also heard on some weekends the line is 45 minutes just to get in the store. i dont know what it is about swedish furniture, but i would say never is the best time to go.

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