You Could Even Say It Glows

The subject line is an homage to my friend Glenn, who was so intrigued by a girl’s t-shirt last night he went up to compliment her. In doing so he also found out that the shirt glowed in the dark. Hmmm, glow in the dark eh?… Glenn’s night was further improved by the gift of a free pair of underwear given to him by the people at the table next to us. Apparently these people own their own underwear business. It was a strange night indeed.

But enough about Glenn, this is my blog.

So This Is How The ‘Other Half’ Lives?
It was a skeleton crew for Meet the Hashers last night at Taco Mac. The team consisted of Glenn, Bill, and myself. The lack of female presence apparently rocked our trivia boat as we missed many questions and finished far out of the money. I think that there is a word to describe teams that do this, oh yeah, “losers.” I don’t like being one of these.

More Dimwittedness
Today I was also one of “those people” on the road. Somehow I managed to turn my headlights to the “parking/fog light” position during my early-morning commute. I realized my error one block from the office.

To those of you I have cursed in the past for being such idiots as to not even know when your headlights are not on, I am sorry. To the people who may not have seen the Jackmobile slithering along the Connector or 400 around 6:30am, I am even sorrier.

Seminoles Are Offensive!
This has little to do with the NCAA’s ruling that schools should not be using indians as symbols.

INDIANAPOLIS — The presidents and chancellors who serve on the NCAA Executive Committee have adopted a new policy to prohibit NCAA colleges and universities from displaying hostile and abusive racial/ethnic/national origin mascots, nicknames or imagery at any of the 88 NCAA championships.

(full story)

Kinda ironic that this press release is from Indianapolis, no?

I mention this because I am a Florida Gator and football season is nearing so I thought I should poke a little fun at one of my in-state rivals while I still can.

I Now Have Something In Common With Marc Cohn
While reading Fat Asian Baby’s blog this morning (you do read Fat Asian Baby’s blog, don’t you?) I saw the headline “Marc Cohn shot in the head during a carjacking in Denver.” Ok, I wasn’t shot, but I was carjacked.

I mention this mostly because I can never remember the name of the guy who did the song “Walking In Memphis”. Now I shall never forget.

The Music Industry Is Driving Me Fucking Nutty
Here is a list of the artists releasing music today.

  • Staind
  • Pennywise
  • Nickel Creek
  • Hootie & The Blowfish
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard
  • Stephen Stills
  • Juliana Hatfield
  • Tommy Lee
  • Rooster

Ok, write Hootie off immediately. Staind? Nah, never been a fan. Nickel [corrected] Creek? Rooster? Never heard of either of them. Tommy Lee? He’s still alive? Who is he screwing these days? Steven Stills? He’s still alive? Oooh, the thought of him having sex turns my stomach. ODB? Pennywise? Maybe, but I don’t know either of them well enough to pick their stuff without a listen. Juliana Hatfield? I guess she wins through the process of elimination.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Moodfreezing in this office
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Pavement — “Cut Your Hair”
Website Of The DayJiwire — another WiFi finder.

Off to read other blogs….

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7 Responses to You Could Even Say It Glows

  1. i was gonna make some reference about how he wouldn’t be walking in memphis anymore, but then i decided i had to draw the line somewhere. go figure.

  2. Paulie says:

    Funny, I made the same decision.

    Hey, any food recommendations for Manhattan? I’ll eat virtually anything (although Vegas taught me I didn’t care for sweetbreads).

  3. oh god. anywhere. there’s so much food everywhere. just depends on your budget and what kind of food you want.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nickle Creek is a semi-regular on one of your favorite radio shows- Prarie Home Companion. Clearly you are not paying full attention.
    See you tomorrow night?


  5. Paulie says:

    Clearly I am not. Heck I apparently can’t even spell their name correctly. I have them both as “Nickel Creek” and “Nickle Creek”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ol’ Dirty Bastard is dead. Don’t know about the others. I tried to come up with a segue between ODB’s Brooklyn Zoo and your trip to NYC, but you said Manhattan, and I’ve got shit to do at work, so you’re SOL (I guess). If you’d like a tip for a great restaurant, I just ate at Limpero in Tudor City while I was up there, and it was unbelievably good. Have fun.

  7. Paulie says:

    ODB is dead. So is 2-Pac, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing new material. 🙂

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