I’m Flying To New York And Boy Are My Arms Getting Tired

I’m Flying To New York And Boy Are My Arms Getting Tired
That’s my explanation for the tardiness of today’s entry. COOL!! This is being posted using an open wireless connection from the hotel (more on that tomorrow).

Flying A Different Friendly Skies
It’s not that I am Atlanta-brand loyal, but I usually fly Delta. However, this trip finds me flying American Airlines. It was early when I left the house, so I continually had to repeat to myself “I am flying American. I am flying American” so that I didn’t go into auto-pilot and wind up trying to fly Delta.

T Gate? Really? Shit!
I wonder if any airports have been built since 9/11. In typical fashion I went through the security check-in at the airport and forgot to look up my gate location. It is really hard figuring out your concourse and gate once you are on the “other side” of security.

After making the (incorrect) assumption that I’d never be departing from the ‘T’ gate, I headed out to the ‘A’ gate in hopes that I would be correct, or at least find a master panel of departing flights. Somewhere between gates ‘A’ and ‘B’ I located the toll-free phone number for American Airlines and found out that I was indeed headed in the wrong direction.

A quick u-turn got me headed in the right direction.

‘Scuse Me, You Look Familiar
I grew up in a small town in New York called Whitestone. Most people who have heard of Whitestone it’s because they have heard of the Whitestone Expressway or the Whitestone Bridge.

My family moved away from Whitestone twenty-eight years ago. To this day I can probably name the names of the seven families who lived between our house and the end of our street. I mention this because today I cannot name the two families who live next door to me in Atlanta. Strange.

Also strange was a man who looked a lot like my best friend Louie from Whitestone. I suppose the man looked as I would imagine Louie would look at forty. The miniscule probability of it actually being Louie convinced me not to go ask him his name.

So Far, So Good
So far this flight has been spectacular! Due to the small number of people who fly early on a Wednesday morning I was able to escape to an empty row once the seatbelt was turned off. This was necessary since a young couple sat in the row in front of my assigned seat, and insisted on reclining their seats back immediately upon take off. I swear that if I could fuse all airline seats in the “upright and locked” position I would do so.

Music: New York Style
If all goes to plan I will be seeing some live music tonight. There is a free concert at the South Street Seaside. I’m hoping to get a leg up on the Atlanta fans of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah by seeing them tonight. I just hope it’s not as crowded as the Weezer concert a month ago.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – wondering how much a cab ride from LaGuardia to Manhattan will cost
Current Music – none
Website Of The Day – Find out who is linking to your site using Talk Digger.

Off to explore Manhatan….

Paulie [eatl/ga] in [nyc/ny]

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2 Responses to I’m Flying To New York And Boy Are My Arms Getting Tired

  1. Stae says:

    It is really hard figuring out your concourse and gate once you are on the “other side” of security.

    um, honey? don’t they write that on your little boarding pass when you check in?

    oh, wait. you already said it was early. 😉

    glad you made it safely – hope you have a great trip!

  2. Paulie says:

    I checked in online, I don’t thnink the 411 was provide.

    That being said, I am too drunk to check. 🙂

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