I’ll Take Manhattan

Today I plan to be a complete tourist.

How’s This For Accomodation?
The hotel room I am in is tiny. It’s “This is not Awesome” tiny. People who like fancy schmancy accomodations need not stay here, at least not in the one I am in. BTW – I love it! It is exactly what I need in a hotel room.

This is essentially the entire room.

The Teddy Bear is provided by the hotel. The brick wall in the picture is real and is one of my “views”.

Introducing, The Shoilet
What do you call the closet that functions both as a shower and a toilet? The Shoilet, of course!

Hungover To Dry
I’ve already relearned

  • NYC is hot, real hot in August
  • is it possible to get a sunburn walking in Manhattan
  • hangovers hurt

I got to meet up with my friend Sother yesterday. Sother, a relatively recent transplant to NY, carries his Not For Tourists bible along with him so he knows hot to get to all of the cool places in the city.

Sother and I took off on foot and headed to Union Square. Dinner was at Blue Water Grill and fantastic. After seafood and beer, we stomped down to SoHo for beverages at Milano’s and then to NoHo for a few more at Tom & Jerry’s.

Completely hammered we hopped the train (I am now a MetroCard holder — subway here I come) and then I toddled back to the hotel.

This is very awesome!

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – cab ride, $30. shoilet room, $120/night. being on my own agenda in Manhattan, priceless
Current Music – none
Website Of The Day – Learn even more about the Not For Tourists Guides. I’ll be looking to pick up the Atlanta version soon.

Off to explore Manhattan….

Paulie [eatl/ga] in [nyc/ny]

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6 Responses to I’ll Take Manhattan

  1. Anonymous says:

    Find The Slaughtered Lamb in the village for a few pints. Good stuff on tap. You can buy a “F*ck you, You F*cking F*ck” shirt nearby.” (Without the *’s)

  2. I am so proud to say I have one of those shirts myself 🙂

    Have fun Paulie and keep posting pics!

  3. Paulie says:

    Ooh, it’s been years since I’ve been to the Slaughtered Lamb.

  4. mingaling says:

    I have to know: which hotel is that?

  5. christian says:

    whoa, you’re making me feel way soft over here in madrid, in what i thought was a pretty small 10×10 foot pad. like you say, it’s got everything you need

  6. Paulie says:

    It was the Hotel Thirty Thirty located between Park and Madison Avenues on 30th Street.

    To be fair I peeked into other rooms when the doors were open and mine was by far the smallest. However, I bet I was paying far less per night as well.

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