Do Not Feed The Animals!!!

I mean it! Damn, I sometimes feel I need to break my jaw so that I won’t be able to eat. I guess I’d still be drinking too much beer so that’s not the answer afterall.

Singing, Friends And Photos, What More Could I Ask For (how about good beer?)
Last night’s Main Event was my friend Dejie‘s CD release party at the Red Chair. I spent an enjoyable evening hanging with (in order of appearance) Maigh (check her site for photos as I left my camera in the car and was too lazy to go and get it), her lovely friend Kim, some guy named Jonathon who apparently has seen every play on Broadway, and two of my favorite people in the world — Stacey and Andy, with an occasional appearance by Dejie’s friend Jennifer.

I had never visited Red Chair before. I was surprised by their (lack of) beer selection (far too limited for this beer snob) and menu (which was surprisingly good and fairly cheap). I’d go back for dinner, but given the establishment’s regular clientele it probably would have to be with a group. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

My night was capped off with a fantastic performance by Dejie and some of her musician friends. Dejie’s music is about 180 degrees from the shows I list in my side galley. However, if you like the show tunes and standards, sung by a woman with much talent, I highly suggest you check out Dejie’s music.

So Many Shows, So Little Time
There are a few shows coming to Atlanta that I am on the fence about. One big reason is that some are at Ticketmaster venues and I really hate doing business with them. Can anyone give me advice on these?

  • 19-Sep: Of Montreal (TBA)
  • 26-Sep: Bloc Party (Tabernacle)
  • 29-Sep: Decemberists (Tabernacle)
  • 17-Oct: The New Pornographers (Variety Playhouse) — probably will go, if tickets ever go on sale

While I am at it, can anyone suggest an alternative website to Pollstar for finding out what concerts are coming to town? I am sick and tired of Pollstar’s allowance of popup advertisements. (I am using Firefox on Linux, but some dickhead developers found a way around their popup blocker).

One Is The Loneliest Number
I need one of these wristbands

Sadly the reason I need one is to remind myself that I should be eating for one. Who knows, maybe it will also help me stop drinking more than one beer as well. With this sort of crazy logic I might actually start losing weight…

Oooh, He’s A Little Runaway
I’ll be making my much heralded return to exercising tonight (weather permitting, of course). Care to cheer me on? Want to make sure I don’t order the bacon bleu burger with fries, or drink more than one beer? Then show up George’s bar in the Highlands tonight for the Wednesday night running. It is Wednesday today, right?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – Pear shaped. ‘Dunlop’ diseased. Headed toward becoming the next Dewberry.
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, channel 26 playing Scissor Sisters — “Take Your Mama”
Website Of The Day – Poverty is real, find out more about the ONE campaign. I really wanted to post a website that matched wristband color to charity/cause/organization, but couldn’t find one.

Off to work….

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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12 Responses to Do Not Feed The Animals!!!

  1. Maigh says:

    Don’t come to my site looking for pictures, I’m too cranky to post them.

    {grumble grumble grumble}

  2. Maigh says:

    P.S. ALL of those bracelets just piss me off.

    We live in a world where humans have successfully transitioned to fracking lemmings.

    You should be giving charity for the good of your heart and spirit, and you shouldn’t have to advertise it. If you are, I propose it’s because you know you’re not doing all you could be and you probably feel damn guilty about it.

    Your $1 dollar bracelet doesn’t impress me when there’s a $5 coffee in your hand.

  3. Paulie says:

    Ok, avoid Maigh’s site, she’s having a bad day. 🙂

    I’ll agree with you on the bracelet & coffee.

  4. glenn5 says:

    I’m with Maigh; I wear the bracelets sometimes, but they’re purely a fashion pose.

    And those magnetic ribbons on the backs of cars really offend me. I want to stop them and ask what they’re doing to support the troops apart from sticking those (made in China) ribbons onto their SUVs.

  5. Paulie says:

    There was someone (unfortunately I don’t really know who) who supposedly said:

    “Buying those ribbons is the least we can do to support our troops. No really, it’s the least we can do.”

  6. Maigh says:

    A self fulfilling prophecy – we do the minimum.

    Sticker, magnet, bracelet. All to pretend to symbolize we’re really doing more in our free time. Raising funds, circulating petitions, coordinating campaigns, volunteering for “the other guy” (politics).

    Whatever. It’s a poser / wannabe mentality and what used to inspire me (see also: yellow band birthday) now makes me cringe because I know those donning the plastic consider their work done. A one time event, now they can wear the outward symbol and it’s all good.

    Modern day proselytizing.

  7. Paulie says:

    What, are you trying to say that my 39th birthday didn’t inspire you? I thought it inspired you to go to Ireland and all that followed last year. 😛

  8. Maigh says:

    You’re a silly monkey and I love ya for it.


  9. katlanta says:

    Hey, I think it was Bill Maher that said buying a yellow ribbon was the least we could do, in “When You Ride Alone, You Ride With Bin Laden,” but I could be wrong. I would have to reread the entire thing to figure that out.

    Re: George’s, I was all sneakered up and ready to run (OK, maybe walk) but my car had other ideas. Glad to hear you’re back in the George’s swing of things!

  10. a few things:
    1. i have a whole box of them bracelets because while i didn’t really and still don’t really understand the whole fashion craze with the yellow lance armstrong bracelets or the various color coded causes, in a slightly more forgiving mood, i WAS at least hoping the plain white ones would draw some attention to poverty issues. probably not, but a girl can hope.
    2. i kinda wanted one of these stickers, but i figure i’m already asking to have my ass kicked by driving a hybrid.
    3. i’m finally back from the balkans. the time zone change induced insomnia is in full effect.

  11. Paulie says:

    Read about your car. Sorry to hear about it and good luck to ya.

    RIOT! That sticker is awesome. You drive a hybrid, eh? And you live in Atlanta? Wow, you are a brave soul. 🙂

    Welcome back to the so-called developed world. Drink a few $5 coffees and you will be “right as rain”, or as I am feeling today, “wrong as rain”.

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