Looks Like I’ve Made It!

Yesterday I received my first two pieces of comment spam. I am such a proud parent.

Katrina Never Was A Lovely Lass
Sometimes I find it hard to believe that the weather in Atlanta can be so nice, whereas right now in New Orleans they are suffering through Hurricane Katrina.

What’s up with the Weather Morons? Why must they always feel compelled to broadcast from the center of the storm? Could they not just show stock video of signs shaking, downed trees and collapsed houses from previous storms? Really, would those of us in the general population be able to tell the difference?

Yard Work Is Hard Work
This weekend I was bound and determined to catch up on some long-neglected yard work and to fortify the abode for the rath of Katrina (hey, on Friday it was supposed to make its way to Atlanta and dump copious amounts of rain upon us.

Friday night was spent mowing the lawn(s) and cleaning up the grounds for some new gutter piping.

Saturday morning was an early morning start by climbing up on my roof (with a ladder of course, it’s not like I am Spiderman) so that I could trim tree limbs from near my roof and clean out my gutters. Let it be known that I am afraid of heights, so for me to get two stories above the ground and inch my way to the edge of my roof is no minor chore.

Sunday I said “Fuck you yard work, it looks like Katrina is going further west.”

My Body Is A Temple, One Made For A Buddhist Temple
I have been eating some of the strangest foods. What, do I think that I am a bachelor or something? I’ve eaten crackers (with cream cheese, and later with orange marmalade) like I am a damn parrot. Paulie Wanna Cracker?

Friday night (post-yardwork) I met my friend Glenn at Little Azio on Moreland Avenue. I was pleased to see that the business there was busy (at least on a Friday). The food was good, nothing to scream about, but I shall return.

Saturday night (post hash-from-hell) I headed out to Limerick Junction to celebrate Maigh‘s party. Pictures of that event can be seen on her site (including a picture of yours truly being surly about seeing somebody other than me being billed as Inside The Perimeter). There I dined on some Smithwick’s fine beer, popcorn and a corned beef sandwich, yum!

Sunday was Craving Day as I had to start the day with a diner breakfast. I’ve professed my love for Waffle House in the past, but sometimes my closest one is still too far away. So what’s a boy to do? Eat at the Majestic! I should have been out running with my friends, instead I dined on two eggs, hash browns, corned beef hash and toast, and afterwards joined them poolside with adult beverages. Good morning, I say.

Music For The Small Masses
As I mentioned last Friday I was off to see A Fir-Ju Well at The EARL. Perhaps I should have stated that I would be seeing them on Saturday because they took the stage at 12:10am! That wouldn’t have been too bad except that they only performed for an hour. If I am going to try and be Rockin’ Like Dokken starting that late I want it all, at least give me ninety minutes! They seemed to lack that balls-to-the-wall energy that they had the last time I saw them (perhaps because they started so late?).

By the way, the band which preceded them, De Novo Dahl, was quite entertaining; they were part Radiohead, part Ted Leo & The Pharmacists.

Knowing that I was going to be out late I chose to skip seeing Charm School. I know that they are local and I hope that I can see them sometime in the near future.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – lost, and somewhat lonely
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, channel 26 playing Sleater-Kinney — “Entertain”
Website Of The Day – Give your blog some new bling with a new template from Blogger Templates Blog.

Weekend’s Exercise (b)Log – a shitload of yard work, hashing for way too long, and one hour on the bike trainer last night.

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  1. katlanta says:

    Mary O from Charm School not only is super duper cool and lives around the corner from me, but she also has that William and Mary Tribe Pride. She is a bad ass!

  2. Paulie says:

    Was she your partner in crime pouring beer at the East Atlanta Beer Festival two years ago when I first met you?

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