100% Katrina Free

It’s not that I am being callous, it’s just that I have no more to say on the subject.

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’
I’ve committed to Marta for at least ten more trips with the purchase of a roll of twenty tokens. It’s not a long-term commitment yet, but it’s a start. I may eventually go the unlimited ride card, but since this all comes out of my pocket I am sticking with the non-expiring option. If Marta had a pre-paid card… I know that is asking too much.

How Can Hell Be So Cold?
I’ve been in my new office building for six weeks now. I’ve asked constantly for someone to alter the air condition. As of now it is sixty-six degrees in my office. BRRRRRR!!!

I Am Open For Suggestions
So far my weekend plans consist of (tentatively) running the Black Sheep Hash on Sunday. I’ve done a lot of “playing it by ear” this summer, but this amount of non-planning is unprecidented for me. Does anyone have suggestions for things to do? I’d much appreciate it.

Maybe It’s The Arrow And Not The Indian
My camera is not thrilling me. You may rememeber that I purchased a Pentax Optio s5i a while back. I have never gotten it to take the quality pictures that I desire. I can’t seem to get a sharp image when I try to take a close up on text. I used to think it was me, but maybe it’s not. Hrmph. I guess one of my tasks this weekend should be to figure out who’s at fault.

[UPDATE] It is the Indian. When I talked about it with a co-worker, he asked “Are you using that little flower setting?”. Um, no. What little flower setting? I really need to start reading manuals…

I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing
Wow, I did it! I finished the entire jar of Jif that I had in the office.

Here is the proof taken with the camera that does not please me. The sizes have been modified to fit this template (another sore topic).

This picture is the size you’ll see on Flickr (sorry about the template spillage but I wanted to give the picture complete readability)

Maybe the quality is not so bad afterall…

Hey all, be safe and healthy this weekend. If you plan on driving anywhere, good luck with that whole gas situation. I’ll probably blog on Monday if anyone is interested in stopping by….

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – blah
Current Music – Bob Mould’s performance at KEXP
Website Of The Day – Even though they don’t support Macs, I’ll give props to KEXP in Seattle for putting music on the net.

Yesterday’s Exercise (b)Log – none

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to 100% Katrina Free

  1. I love peanut butter and karo syrup! LOL, ever since I was a kid! It’s pretty disgusting I know …sometimes **looks embarrassed** I even mix it with peaches!

  2. katlanta says:

    I didn’t know you had the Optio S5i…jealous…I have the S4 and it is my constant companion. I should have read the manual too, though.

  3. Paulie says:

    I am jealous of your camera because it actually fits into an Altoids tin. Mine is *supposed to*, but even after a little MacGyvering of the tin the camera is too big. 🙁

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