Was It Something I Said?

Comments have been sparse, even before I adopted the word confirmation to reduce spam. Is everyhting OK out in the “real world?” Was it something I said?

Heaping Bowl & Brew — RIP
One the earliest Urban Pioneers of my neighborhood (at least concerning our latest incarnation) was Heaping Bowl & Brew. At one point life was so grand for HB&B that it spawned a second (and quickly ill-fated) location in Oakhurst. I ate at HB&B every once in a while when I first moved to East Atlanta in 1999, but all but stopped going in recent years when the service and quality wained. It was little surprise, but sad nonetheless, when I found out that HB&B closed its doors forever. Many things have come and gone in East Atlanta since my arrival, but somehow I expected HB&B to be there forever.

More TV! More TV! More TV!
Last night proved to be impossible to rally the Meet The Hashers team to play trivia. Apparently my teammates have other things going on in their lives and couldn’t make it out. This cancellation freed my evening to do anything I desired. Sadly, I watched tv and surfed the internet. Hey, TV pays my mortgage, help a brother out!

You the reader benefit, however. I have “discovered” yet another programme (keep reading) that you should be watching, provided you have HBO or Bittorrent skills. It’s called “Extras” and stars the brilliant Ricky Gervais (of the real, BBC version of “The Office” fame).

The show, which orginally aired on the BBC and for some strange reason is being showed in a different order than it aired on the Beeb, is a comedy about movie extras and the strange predicaments in which they dig themselves. I highly recommend giving “Extras” a viewing.

Nipsey Russell — RIP
I’ve mentioned in the past that I used to be a game show junkie. When I first got Game Show Network (now named something else) on Dish Network I watched it for hours. Match Game was always a favorite show for me to watch again and again.

One of the occasional celebrity guests on Match Game was Nipsey Russell (why no picture imdb?). Nipsey alway had a clever poem ready for each time he was on. For some strange reason I really enjoyed Nispeys poem’s (recipients of my Wednesday night running group emails now understand my poetic emails of the past).

An Atlanta native who was ten days away from his eighty-first birthday, Nipsey Russell passed away yesterday. I guess it was his time to Ease On Down, Ease On Down The Road.

CD Release Day. W00t!
There are some interesting cds which are being born today. That Franz Ferdinand band has put out another record, You Could Have It So Much Better. I liked their last album, the self-titled Franz Ferdinand, but it grew old on me with constant airplay.

The freakishly lovely Fiona Apple releases her third cd today entitled Extraordinary Machine. I’m not too sure of the music’s quality, but as the kids say these days I’d smack that ass. And for that reason alone Ms. Apple’s cd is my pick of the day. Hey, it’s not rocket science you know…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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  1. Moise says:

    Extras is a fantastic show! Ricky Gervais is a comedic genius.

  2. Reid Davis says:

    I ascribe the Bowl’s demise to the clueless folks who bought it from Todd Semrau and made silly changes. Drat, we’ll miss it, as it was one of the few family-friendly sit-down places in EAV. I love the EARL, but can’t really take my daughter there for burgers.

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