Wrong Ways To Start The Week

Let’s see…. I woke up late. Marta was experiencing “difficulties”. I’ve got too much to blog about today, so I’ll stick to the basics.

Colony Squared
After a nice time sitting around Joe’s Coffee Shop, where I ran into my neighbor Val and saw Jenny from the band Charm School (whose website is unreachable) I drove up to Colony Square to continue my day. Drive? Yes, while I had intended to Marta I changed my plans and used the auto.

I had notification that my new glasses (which I am having some minor issues with the switch) so I conducted my business in Colony Square which allowed my to get validated parking. Sweet.

Free parking was even sweeter because I could then walk to the High Museum. With the exception of busloads of school children that swarmed the Wyeth exhibit the museum was vitually empty! What a pleasure it was to set my own pace and not having people step in front of my view. I spent nearly two hours at the High on Friday and perused about two-thirds of the museum. I can see myself playing hookey and going back again.

A Five-Course Square Meal
Stuffed into a pair of slacks I met up with my dinner companions Friday night for drinks and dinner. As I mentioned Friday, dinner was at Lumiere – the restaurant run by Le Cordon Bleu.

Dinner at Lumiere is more than a meal, it’s an experience. The menu is price fixe ($32) and based around five courses; drinks cost extra. For each course the diner has at least three options from which to choose.

Prior to the meal selection each of us were given an scallion as a starter. This was a nice surprise and was quite delicious. For my “official” starter I chose the conch fritters. The fritters were fried nicely and served with a mildly-spiced picante. The salad course I chose was warmed spinach leaves served with bacon bits. My choice for the soup course was my only disappointment. For my soup I chose the shrimp bisque. Unfortunately this soup was heavy, flat in flavor and never thrilled me. I tried moving the soup throughout my mouth hoping that different areas of my tongue would change my mind, but it did nothing for me. At this point the dinner we were all given a tasty scoop of pear sorbet to cleanse our palates.

The entree I selected was lamb served with a tart shell filled with sauteed vegetables. The entree was cooked to order and very tasty. I was also able to taste the osso bucco entree and was extremely impressed with it.

And for dessert? My choice was a special sweet potato pound cake; this too was very delicious. Other desserts I tasted and enjoyed were a chocolate souflee (sp). and a creme broulee. The mystery of the dessert course was that we were never asked if we would like a different beverage such as coffee or tea. I would have loved a nice hot coffee with my dessert.

Overall my experience was fantastic, although admittedly not as fantastic as it was for the couple who got engaged there that evening.

Hashing Squared
For some reason I decided to double my hashing pleasure by hashing both Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps I am a glutton for punishment.

On Saturday our Atlanta hare (MC Hasher) thought she’d be clever and lay a YBF (you’ve been fucked) at her house which directed us to run back to the start which was the true ending. Luckily for me I got lost on trail and wound up running into people who were on their way back to the start. Therefore I didn’t have to run the entire trail.

On Sunday I should have known better. Well, I did know better but it was a Black Sheep Jubilee (#400) so I figured we’d be in for some fun. There are a lot of things you can encounter running a Black Sheep trail including forest, swamp, railroad tracks, tunnels, water crossings, and briar. Black Sheep #400 contained ALL of them. By the end I was so tired and poked-up from a fifty-yard walk through a briar patch (that’s where the trail went) that I really wasn’t in the mood to drink. Add in that I had to sit on the ice for a down-down for no apparent reason [btw- my bare ass is not a sight that you really want to see], it was a truly great hash.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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2 Responses to Wrong Ways To Start The Week

  1. Gentri says:

    Paulie, Paulie, Paulie… you know it was because it was Hash lottery time and the Bwana needs no logical reason… ever! The briar field sucked, I have to say, and my co-worker has been laughing at me for the scratches on my nose quite a bit… apparently “what happens at the hash stays at the hash” doesn’t always apply!!!

  2. Paulie says:

    Well, I guess I feel lucky that it was you I shared the ice with Gentri rather than TLS. 🙂

    Yeah, when we take away briar scarring or poison ivy it’s hard to keep all of the hash’s secrets.

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