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Just Another Day
Wanting to do something, but having nothing to do tonight I keep repeating to myself that this is “just another day”, “just another day”. I’ve managed to keep myself occupied by watching football and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

This is the first year in some time that I have spent New Year’s Eve alone. In recent years I was in Boston for a wedding, or hung out at Brewhouse/Gravity/Crazy Horse/private parties with friends. I suppose that I could have meandored up to The Earl or Gravity tonight, but the thought of being out alone amongst people who are having a better time than me was unbearable.

Thankfully I have a full schedule tomorrow, to help me forget my woes.

Everyday Is Like Spring Break In Downtown Atlanta
Throw a couple of college bowl games in the Dome and a parade in one weekend and the atmosphere downtown changes dramatically.

In part because I had the day off from work and the weather was fantastic, and in part because I needed to buy a Marta card for January, my camera and I took the train to Five Points.

Lunch was at the Landmark Diner. Why? Because in one of those rare instances I knew exactly what I wanted to eat as soon as I saw the restaurant. Say it with me… Country. Fried. Steak. Remember, the diet starts Monday.

As I strolled along the streets (admittedly looking for a building I remember seeing a few years ago, but could not manage to find yesterday) I snapped the following photos. If you are interested in reading the stories behind the photos, swing over to my Flickr page

It’s now 10:57pm EST. I think it’s time to hit the alcohol so that I can go to sleep soon.

Happy New Year to all,
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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