I’ve Got Phobias

Yes I do.
I’ve got phobias.
How about you?

I Don’t Like To Get High
I have an incredible fear of heights. When Sunday’s Black Sheep trail went over a train trestle that crossed the Chattahoochie, I not only said “No!”, I said “Hell No!” Unlike the other hashers, I really couldn’t convince myself that it was a wise decision to cross this trestle. After all, this was constructed for trains not humans so it wasn’t like there were consessions made for foot travel. I was told by those with the chutzpah to cross it that is was very scary.

My name is Paulie and I was unable to do what others were able to do. There. I admitted it — I am far from perfect.

White Elephant, Pink Elephant
So are you wondering what gift I brought to this year’s re-gifting party? It was this

(if you are having trouble seeing the picture, go here)
When I bought those sodas around Thanksgiving I was so excited to drink them; that was until I tasted them on Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. They were disgusting! I was flummoxed as to what I was going to do with my sodas until I remembered about the re-gifting party. I hope that the recipient enjoys them at least as much as I did.

Oh, and what did I walk away with from the party? A book called Who Pooped In The Park.

The wine part evening was a complete smash. I want to thank the hosts for allowing me to sleep over and avoid a DUI or worse. You kindness is much appreciated. And for those in need of hangover relief, I can highly recommend Crescent Moon‘s “The Heap” (The Heap, $6.95/$4.95 half, A heap of seasoned potatoes topped with bacon, cheddar cheese and two eggs any style).

And Closer To Home
On Saturday night I stayed within walking distance of the house. Originally I was going to go over to the Young Blood Gallery for the Art Dorks show. However, it was a Lazy Saturday (sans chronic) so I bailed. The night’s meal was a delicious burro from Cantina La Casita, followed by a few beers at Graveyard Tavern while attending my friend Glenn’s fortieth birthday party.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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9 Responses to I’ve Got Phobias

  1. glenn5 says:

    How’d you get across the river, then?

    Am I really 40? How did that happen?

  2. Paulie says:

    I never made across the river. I “boxed” until I hit 285, at which I turned around because I knew I couldn’t run across the bridge. At that point I backtracked to the start where I was picked up and driven to the end. Sad but true.

  3. shoobie says:


    the first time i went in there i ordered the whole heap. craziest move i’ve ever made. how did you pull that off? half heap all the way.

    if youre not in the traif mood, i recommend half VEGGIE heap…. its delicious.

  4. Paulie says:

    I managed about 3/4 Heap. Not even in a hungover state could I eat the entire skillet.

  5. Hasher Who Dislikes Trestles says:

    OK, gotta disagree with your “imperfect cuz I don;t cross railroad trestles” postulate.

    Hashers live in some kind of reality-free bubble most of the time they are on trail. I am not immune. I’ve done trestles. I’ve also had to run my ass off to avoid rapid & lethal acceleration by a crossing train. Now when I come to a trestle?:

    I pop the fucking bubble.

  6. PW Diddy says:

    Yes I do.
    I’ve got phobias.
    How about you?

    Worst haiku ever!

  7. katlanta says:

    Mmm..Heap…they got it at Thumbs Up in Edgewood too.

  8. jogTunes.com says:

    Thanks, Paulie, for picking my site as site of the week. I welcome any comments, suggestions, impressions. Please post them to my forum. The link’s on my site, jogtunes.com.


  9. Paulie says:

    My pleasure Bob. You have a good product that people should know about.

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