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My Mother Wanted A Dentist, I Turned Out To Be Dense
A few days ago I received an email from my friend Stacey which alerted me to an album in the iTunes Music Store. The email’s body read “pimp this yo!”, which I naturally understood to be the title of the album. After failing to find “Pimp This Yo!” in iTunes I was going to reply to her and ask her what the hell she was talking about. And then like Paul Harvey I read “the rest of the story.”

It seems that Stacey was trying to tell me that our friend Dejie‘s album “Why Try To Change Me Now” is available from iTunes and that she wanted me to pimp it. D’Oh!!

Hey Dejie, or perhaps one of Dejie’s “people”, can you name the next cd “Pimp This Yo!” so that I don’t have this difficulty in the future? Thanks!

Remember kids– Reading, it’s fun for mentals fundamental.

From The Office For The Mentally Challenged
Who designs an office with two sets of doors, one which you pull to open and the next you push to open? Who I ask? Who?

Last Friday afternoon I went to ask someone a question in a new office in our building. I managed to navigate the “pull” doors fine, but was stopped in my tracks when I tried to pull the next set of doors. I assumed that, it being after 5pm, they were closed so I yelled to the person through the second set of doors “I just have one quick question.” to which she replied “Push.” I looked down at the door handles and sure enough the little stickers read “PUSH.” The woman behind the desk laughed and I was ready for my own personal “Want to get away?” Southwest Airlines commercial.

Tuvan Throat Singing On The Daily Show
What? What? What?! Imagine my surprise when I heard Tuvan throat singing mentioned on the “This Week In God” segment of The Daily Show the other day.

I have been interested in Tuvan throat singing since I began studying the life of Richard Feynman about twenty years ago. Feynman’s interest in Tuva was sparked by a postage stamp he had as a child.

My interest in Tuvan throat singing was further piqued when I saw the documentary Ghangis Blues which chronicled blues composer and singer Paul Pena‘s trip to Tuva to compete in their throat singing competition. [bummer, I just found out that Pena died on October 1st of last year]

I am incapable of throat-singing, although I have been accused of making similar noises in my sleep, but I am still completely fascinated by the skill.

Google Earth Has Made It To The Mac!
Mac Hatas have slightly less ammunition (why is this word always abbreviated as “ammo” and not “ammu”?) to fire. Yes, Google has finally released a version of Google Earth that will run on a Mac. Halle-fucking-lujah!

If you’ve not wasted time spanning the globe using Google Earth on the PC, you might want to give it a spin. The amount of detail, admittedly some outdated, that one can see at a fairly snappy pace when using a high-speed internet connection is astonishing.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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