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The Knights Who Say Knee (injury)
You may have seen Saturday’s post in which I stated that I was tired of it all and ready to rededicate myself to losing weight. Eventhough the weekend’s temperatures were to get no higher than forty-five, that was no excuse for not going out for exercise.

On Saturday I went out and ran the Atlanta hash. On Sunday morning I woke up to feel a pain in my right knee. It was the same sort of knee pain that I felt six years ago after completing my first marathon, and the same pain that started the downward spiral of my running ability. Just to make sure that I wasn’t being a hypochondriac, I went out for a run on Sunday to see how it would feel. Diagnosis: Iliotibial Band Syndrome, which means pain.

click here for some knee diagrams

Dial ‘L’ For Lame (or ‘S’ for Sleep)
One of the problems I have with hashing is the running and the drinking can often wipe me out. Saturday was no exception to this rule. I had planned (to the point of buying a ticket) to go to Eyedrum to see Andrew Bird. Unfortunately, when I put my head upon the couch pillow when I returned home from a long, cold day of hashing I fell asleep immediately. When I awoke at 9:15pm I knew that there was no way that I wanted to shower and then rush out the door (into the freezing cold) to attend the show. It was a difficult decision, but one I only struggled with for as long as it took me to move from the couch to my bed where I covered up for a long night’s sleep.

I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my sleeping lately. I keep blaming the cold weather because I am keeping the house cool and therefore more inclined to lay down to get under covers. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t like sleeping; I think it is a waste of life (my two cents).

Mi Barrio (es su barrio?)
At the conclusion of Sunday’s run my friends Melissa, Betsy and I decided we needed some lunch and an a adult beverage (or two). Saturday night Betsy had eaten at a restaurant named Mi Barrio (Access Atlanta review) and was jonesin’ for another fix. I was definitely up for it since I have intended to go there since it first opened (about two years ago).

Sunday’s special at Mi Barrio is Menudo (no, not that Menudo). Not being a fan of tripe (cow intestine) I decided to pass on the menudo and order the carne asada instead. The meat was served with corn tortillas (One of those plastic serving dishes with a lid was put on the table. Perhaps I ate Melissa’s as well?) and a healthy serving of refried beans, yellow rice and a small salad topped with fresh avocado. Combining the meal with a couple of Negra Modelos and a supply of chips, salsa and sliced catcus, I could ask for no more (no mas?). I will certainly be returning soon myself.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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Website Of The Day – Tax preparation time is upon us. Swing on over to the Library of Congress website and see how some of your hard-earned tax dollars are spent.

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Exercise (b)Log – hashing Saturday, 40 minutes running Sunday, pain Sunday night
Weekly Weigh-In – skipped because it’s pointless right now
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6 Responses to Parenthetically Yours

  1. Maigh says:

    Three cheers for IBS! Me too, me too!

    No report on Andrew Bird @ Eyedrum?

  2. Paulie says:

    I never made it to the show. 🙁

    I fell asleep after returning home from hashing and when I woke up (at 9:15pm) I couldn’t get myself going.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Clearly you went over the “two beer if you wanna go out after a hash” rule I tried to follow when I could still drink. MAYBE three if you’ve had a good lunch prior. Otherwise, its shower, sit, sleep after a hash 🙂 SDM

  4. Paulie says:

    Two at the end of the hash and then two (three?) more with a meal consisting of queso dip and chips [I am a true health nut] at The EARL. I have been a sleeping fool lately, it really doesn’t matter how many beers I’ve consumed.

  5. Oliver says:

    Nice Monty Python allusion. Having experienced a fully torn ACL, I feel your (knee) pain. Sleeping is for suckers. I recommend buying a case of Red Bulls and some of those Centrum Performance multivitamins. They used to make Centrum Energy which was packed with Taurine (stuff in Red Bull besides caffeine that gives you “wings”) but I guess they pulled those off the market… dammit… Those REALLY got the heart rate up.

  6. Paulie says:

    Normally I don’t need stimulants. Could it be the old age? Perhaps. Could it be the lack of regular exercise? Perhaps. Will I go out and buy some Red Bull? Perhaps. 🙂

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