Stuck On The Connector: I Want Revenge, No I Want More Sleep

Welcome to the first if a new series of articles that I will randomly throw onto Inside The Perimeter. These “Struck On The Connector” articles will be longer, more in-depth articles that will cover one topic — usually a review of a CD, concert, restaurant, etc.

btw- Today’s “normal” entry is below this and is called “Point And Shit!”. Just in case you were wondering….

I Want Revenge, No I Want More Sleep
I made my first good decision last night to decide to walk to The EARL. Yes, I know I live close enough to always walk to The EARL, but when the weather is questionable I occasionally drive (oh, how Alpharetta of me). Knowing that a 9pm “doors open” at The EARL means a 9:45pm-10:00pm first band start, I left the house around 9:15pm.

The first thing I noticed upon entering The EARL’s music room was the presence of 99x banners. “Ugh”, was my first thought. “Am I going to have to suffer through an introduction from Barnes Toucher, Leslie, or Jimmy?” was my second. [paulie note: I was a dedicated 99x listener from 1995-2004, and moved away when I just couldn’t stand their limited playlist and inane banter.] Luckily I was spared. Along with the banners I noticed the arrival of the hormone-driven, tattooed, smoking, sluttly-dressed, young girls with their equally body-modded emo boyfriends. When I am sixty and they are forty and complaining about their tattoos and lung disease I am going to smile and tell them all to go fuck themselves. But I digress…

During my trip to the bar to purchase my third Miller High Life I noticed that there were far more “older” people entering the room than I would have imagined. [paulie note: I am forty, so these people were probably younger than me but didn’t look it, or were the parents of the aforementioned 99x kiddies.]

At that time I started playing one of my favorite games at The EARL called “I wonder if that guy is in one of tonight’s bands.”

Finally, the first band Rock Kills Kid, took the stage. They are a five-member band from Los Angeles who provided a seven-song set of decent, guitar and synthesizer driven rock. I wouldn’t call their set “groundbreaking”, but I enjoyed their sound and considering that they were the opening band I was rather impressed.

She Wants Revenge was next to take the stage. Given their current groundswell of popularity I was a little surprised that there wasn’t a billing swap much like the one that occurred when the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Ambulance Ltd tour swung through The EARL last summer. I wanted to take a snapshot of SWR’s playlist so that I could document it here, but couldn’t get that close to the stage. Because SWR has only one CD out, it suffices to say that all songs they played were from it. SWR’s sound was awesome, but never swerved far from that found on their CD. While I enjoy when bands prove that they can recreate the sound caught on their CDs, I also appreciate when they personalize the show for the crowd and take known songs in different directions. The four-man band seemed comfortable and tight on stage. They also looked like they were a bit warm from the heat generated from the small venue, large crowd and copious amounts of cigarettes being smoked. After playing a set appropriately long for a second act, She Wants Revenge the left the stage and at least half of the crowd left the building.

I considered an early jettison from The EARL myself (it was a school night), but while unloading my Miller High Lifes I heard this guy telling other guys just how much better Electric 6 would be, so I decided to stay.

At the start of E6’s show I noticed how much fun their lead man, Dick Valentine, was having. This is always pleasing to me. At one point he even asked the crowd “Who came to see She Wants Revenge and are now seeing Electric 6?” From the involved reaction of the crowd during the songs played prior to this question being asked, I would have to say “not many of those left in the room.” Because I was completely clueless about E6 prior to this show, and was obviously in the minority amongst this crowd, I had flashbacks to when I saw Lucero last year at The EARL. [paulie note: at least I had heard two of Lucero’s songs prior to seeing them in concert.] As much as I wanted to enjoy E6’s fist pumping, party-style, rock and roll, I could only last for four songs before I considered it to be “late” (12:05am) and determined that it was time for me to walk home.

And there you have it…
Paulie [eat/ga]

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5 Responses to Stuck On The Connector: I Want Revenge, No I Want More Sleep

  1. Leah Baker says:

    Yes, the 99X aspect ruined this show for me, as I had to fight off (literally) a group of four guys next to me who insisted on barking and jumping up and down and getting in my personal bubble. I think they thought they were at a 311 show. It completely killed it for me, even after FAB and I moved.

  2. Paulie says:

    Yeah, I read that in your review today. Sorry to hear your night was spoiled.

  3. Leah Baker says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Rock Kills Kid, though. So, not much was lost. And you’re right, the sound was incredible. Don’t think I’ve ever heard it that good.

  4. Paulie says:

    While in Decatur CD the other day I think I overheard Warren tell one of the other customers that The EARL has a new sound guy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Paulie Why wait until they’re 40… Smile and tell them to go fuck themselves now!!.. Wet Willy.

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