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  1. andy says:

    hey man, thank you for your kind words about the show, i love reading opinions and revues of all of our shows, even if they are brutally honest. i am sorry for the things i said about the atlanta scene, in no way did i intend on you being a part of that crowd, or by any means insulting you, for that i am deeply sorry for abusing the microphone in such a way. in response to the set length, we attempted to play for 40 minutes the other night, and will continue to try to lengthen the set as well. our goal is to rather play 7 good songs than 10 songs where 3 of them make you want to lick the floor at the earl. with that being said, god bless. somebody showed me this blog and i felt it was important for me to apologize and thank you for suporting our band. hope to see you soon.

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