Calculator Watches, Laptops, And Beer… Oh My!

Get Out Your Laptops Kids!
Got nothing on your agenda tonight? Feeling kinda nerdy? Why not join the Atlanta Blogging Revolution at The Highlander for some beer and tech problem solving? We’ll be meeting up around 7pm and should be pretty easy to spot — look for the people with laptops.

So far I have the following two problems to conquer

  • I have loaded up the Gravatar plugin and know how to enable it, but don’t know how to set up my comments page to make it look nice
  • I need a calendar plugin suggestion

If you know the solution to these then I suggest that you join us. At night’s end you’ll feel like you’ll be able to hold bolts of energy in your bare hand

An Interesting Old Utility Box In East Atlanta

Meet The Hashers Go Down In Flames
We met up at the Inman Park / Old 4th Ward location of Johnny’s Pizza last night for a game of trivia. Were we the team wearing the “I (heart) Trivia Guy” t-shirts? Not no, but hell no! We’d never stoop that low, especially for the guy who loves to put our team down using his microphone. Last night his joke was to call out our score seventy points lower than it really was. Oh Snap!

For as shitty as we played in the first half we managed to rally to be near the money just before the final question. The category for the final question was “Collectibles.” I went on the record by declaring that the answer would be “Thomas Kinkade” before even hearing the question. I was wrong of course. For those who wish to play along, here was the final question.

Name the Beanie Baby animal associated with the following four names

  • Brownie (I’ll give you a hint that this was not former FEMA chief Michael Brown)
  • Legs
  • Chocolate
  • Squealer

The answer is posted in the comments.

We bet all our points and got two of the four. Unfortunately we needed to get all four right in order to get points, so we finished with nil (see I learned something from that World Cup, oh wait I also learned how to heatbutt someone and become a National Goat).

Big Tuesday For Music
Remember those weeks I whined about not having anything to pick? Well, this week will not be one of those.

Without further adieu I pick Soul Asylum’s release of “The Silver Lining” as my pick for this week.

Oh, I’m kidding… While I liked Soul Asylum back in the day, there are a few more significant releases out today.

Everybody’s favorite indie rocker Sufjan Stevens releases “The Avalanche: Outtakes And Extras From The Illinois Album”. A few things keep me from selecting this release as tops. One, is there a peak in Illinois tall enough to create an avalanche? Two, if these songs are so great, why didn’t they make it on to last year’s album?

Tom Yorke releases the much anticipated “The Eraser” today. Who’s Tom Yorke you ask? Perhaps you’ll recognize the name of the band in which he performs — Radiohead. Now you know why this release is noteworthy.

Having said all that I’m going with Muse’s release of “Black Holes And Revelations” as my “CD Pick of the Week” this week. The two cuts I’ve heard are both strong (they supposedly streamed the whole album over at their MySpace page but I think I failed the MySpace Entrance Exam when I answered “the 60’s” to the question “What decade were you born in?”). I’d also be willing to go see them in concert at the Tabernacle if not for the ridiculous “convenience charges” and “processing fees” tacked on to the ticket price by The Man. Perhaps it’s just as well because I’d probably get nabbed buying an underage girl a beer in an undercover sting operation.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – fair
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Art Brut — “Emily Kane”
Website Of The Day – Looking for some music mixes for workouts? I know that I should be. If you are, check out the downloadable mixes over at DJ Steveboy‘s website.

If you ever want a quick glance of the sites I’ve picked for my Websites Of The Day, you can check them out on, my user name is InsideThePerimeter (go figure), and they are all tagged as “blogged.”

Exercise (b)Log – nothing, sickness got the better of me yesterday.
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Calculator Watches, Laptops, And Beer… Oh My!

  1. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Brownie = Bear
    Legs = Frog
    Chocolate = Moose (doh!)
    Squealer = Pig (duh)

  2. Gentri says:

    “I also learned how to heatbutt someone and become a National Goat” The press is going nuts trying to figure out what was said to Zidane. This from the BBC: “Zidane, who was born and grew up in Marseille, is the son of Algerian immigrants and has suffered taunts about his heritage throughout his football career. …the insult as being “you’re the son of a terrorist whore” or “He then accused him of being a “liar” and wished “an ugly death to you and your family” on the day the Frenchman’s mother had been taken to hospital ill. This was followed by “Go f*** yourself”.” Either way, not pretty and if actually racist, something should be done………….

  3. Lindsay says:

    “Lest you feel too bad about the guy Zidane headbutted, here’s a highlight reel that will show you why he had it coming”

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